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How to Make a Better Tomorrow With Feng Shui

(September 03, 2008)  Kathy, an attractive woman in her mid thirties has a reasonably good job, a few good friends to spend leisure time with and enough money to live in a pleasant but small two bedroom home. While things looked good on the surface, she was very unhappy with where her life was headed and felt like she ..

Create Personal Calm and Peace Using Feng Shui Principles

(September 03, 2008)  According to advertising experts, the average person is bombarded, even assaulted by more than 4000 impressions daily in the form of print, email, voice mail, radio, television and blaring advertisements. Additionally, you are constantly attacked with negative energy about the housing crisis and ..

Taking Care of You A Feng Shui Priority

(July 18, 2008)  A successful independent business person named Sue is in the field of sales and also a client. She recently told me, “Without surrounding myself with Feng Shui principles, I'd never reach the end of my day meeting my self-defined sales quotas without being totally exhausted. Fortunately the ..

To Create Good Luck Use Feng Shui

(July 11, 2008)  Ancient Chinese Emperors used Feng Shui's positive energy principles to influence the good luck and good fortune not only for their lifetime but that of the next seven generations of their families. " In an article appearing in Fortune Magazine, according to veteran home builder Bob Toll, ..


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