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4 Unique Design Features of Waterbed Sheets

(August 12, 2008)  Sleeping in a waterbed is a great way to get a good night's sleep. Ā  Many waterbed owners find keeping their sheets on the bed difficult. It is much easier when you use waterbed sheets. Waterbed sheets have some intrinsic design features that make them perfect for waterbeds. Many waterbed owners ..

Why Buying a Waterbed Sheet Set is the Best Bet For the Money

(August 12, 2008)  When you go shopping for bedding for a regular bed you have a lot of options. You can mix and match, and buy your sheets and comforter separately. When it comes to buying bedding and waterbed sheets you are better off to find a nice waterbed sheet set. You're going to find it's easier, and less ..

Taking a Deeper Look at Memory Foam Beds

(August 10, 2008)  Did you know that the memory foam was first used in a spacecraft? It was used by NASA to protect the astronauts inside from the buildup of the G force during the liftoff process. The foam was specifically developed by NASA because it softens and conforms to the contour of the human body when ..


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