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Outdoor Water Fountains - Garden Placement Ideas

(October 23, 2008)  A water fountain provides a relaxing and naturally soothing sound which will create sounds that you can find in a nature reserve. There are many different types of outdoor water fountains and these can range from large elegant stone designs which can be the focal point of the garden to smaller ones .

Outdoor Water Fountains - Maintenance Tips

(October 23, 2008)  To start with the general advice on keeping your outdoor water fountain in good working order is very simple and if you follow these basic principles then you should have no problems in keeping everything in top condition. There are some weekly tasks and monthly tasks that should be followed; the ..

Wall Fountains - Keeping Your Pump in Good Working Order

(October 10, 2008)  The pump is a complex item and by cleaning it will keep the wall fountain working more effectively. Make sure when you check the pump that there is no debris within the rotor area and all of the debris has been removed. If you want to minimise the amount of dust or debris getting into the pump then .

Wall Fountains - How to Clean Your Wall Fountain

(October 10, 2008)  The general rule of thumb is a wall fountain should be cleaned around every four to six weeks; a general wipe down though would be best done every week. By doing a wipe down it will remove any dust and water marks which will not only keep your wall fountain looking good but will also minimise the ..

Wall Fountains - Maintenance and Using (Part 4a)

(October 08, 2008)  The basic guide to wall fountain maintenance is just to make sure the water is flowing through by keeping the basin topped up with water and giving the wall fountain a polish or wipe to remove any water marks and keep it looking good. The first process you need to undertake after you have completed .

Wall Fountains - Installing a Wall Fountain (Part 3)

(October 08, 2008)  It is fairly common practice for the wall fountains to come with a set of instructions that will detail very clearly how to get your purchase into position. Usually the instructions are very clear and will give you a step by step guide which if you follow closely will ensure you do not have any ..

Outdoor Water Fountains - Liven Up Your Garden

(September 26, 2008)  Outdoor water fountains are the best way to liven up your garden and they can be used in a whole manner of ways to create a wonderful feature, below are just a few ideas we have come up with, of course there will be many more which may attract you. Integrated with your Existing Water Features The ..

Outdoor Water Fountains - Encourage the Wildlife

(September 26, 2008)  There are lots of ways we can help to create a good garden area that looks visually appealing to us and also helps to benefit the wildlife. For many years outdoor water fountains have played an important role in the garden in helping to provide essential water and washing areas for birds. The ..

Floor Fountains - The Main Features and How to Use Them?

(September 15, 2008)  Basics of Floor Fountains Floor fountains are ornamental water features which can be added to any room to help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. They work using just a couple of key devices, the pump, a water tray and the backdrop, all of these combined together help to create a wonderful ..

Floor Fountains - Bring a Piece of Art to Your Home

(September 15, 2008)  In this article we will take you through some of the designs that you can buy when you look are looking to enhance your home with a floor fountain. Glass Floor Fountains The first design which is extremely popular are the glass floor fountains, the reason these are so popular is they look ..

Tabletop Fountains - Natural Creations

(September 11, 2008)  When you choose your fountain you may be overwhelmed by the sheer choice and there are thousands of designs, colours and sizes too choose from. There are many reasons why you may want to buy a Tabletop Fountain and it may not necessarily be for yourself. They make ideal gifts as they are extremely ..

Tabletop Fountains - When and How to Use Them

(September 11, 2008)  Firstly if you do not know a tabletop fountain is a decorative water feature that can be used within the home or office to improve the aesthetics and the ambience of a room. The usual place that you would have one of the fountains would be on a table (as the name would suggest), however there are ..

Wall Fountains - Wall Fountains Can Improve Your Health

(September 05, 2008)  The obvious answer to the question is that they provide a great enhancement to the ambience of an area and create a visible improvement in the décor of many areas. Obviously the aesthetic side of the wall fountains is what people associate with them; however there are many more reasons why people ..

Wall Fountains - Relaxing For a Child's Room

(September 05, 2008)  Of course there are the traditional methods that can be used such as soothing music, stories and mobiles but if you are struggling with these then a thought is the introduction of the a wall fountain. Wall fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can easily be placed on the ..

Wall Fountains - Help You to Relax and Unwind

(September 02, 2008)  Why not try it now by closing your eyes and thinking of the gentle flow of water in a babbling broke, almost instantly you will feel your body move into a more relaxed state as you think of the image in your mind. Just by thinking of the sounds it is possible for you to drift into this relaxing ..

Wall Fountains - Improve Your Sense of Well-being

(September 02, 2008)  Within this article a few of the main factors will be discussed so further understanding of the positive benefits of owning wall fountains can be understood. The first aspect is in the creation of ambience for a room. At night many people enjoy turning the lights down and making a cosy environment .

Garden Fountains - Popular Addition For Outside Spaces

(August 17, 2008)  There are so many different types of fountains for you to enjoy and not only will you have enjoyment but so will all of your family and friends. The garden fountains can range from the elegant Tiered garden effect to simple pots or natural ones, none of which are any less beautiful than the others. .

Garden Fountains - The Styles

(August 17, 2008)  Tiered Garden These are very attractive garden fountains that provide a gentle cascade of water which creates a magnificent source for the reflective light and visually stunning effects when the sunlight hits the fountains. There are many different sizes but usually they will not be above three ..

Garden Fountains - How to Design Your Feature

(August 17, 2008)  It is possible to create a wonderful feature and it doesn't take much knowledge of gardening or in exterior design to be able to add elements together that will combine to create a good looking area for your garden. The addition of garden fountains to an area will not only provide a focal point for .

Outdoor Water Fountains - Bring Your Garden to Life

(August 14, 2008)  They can use the continual flow of water to have a bath or to drink from and this provides them with a constant and valuable supply. With the additional attraction to your garden for the wildlife this will in turn bring more birds and your garden will thrive and blossom with all the new visitors. ..

Outdoor Water Fountains - Different Designs

(August 14, 2008)  There are lots of different styles and choice of fountains too choose from and within this article it will run down so of the main types and their features. Large Now these are not for the average garden due to the sheer size of them, if you have a common garden then this probably would not be the .

Outdoor Water Fountains - A Multitude of Designs For Your Ga ...

(August 14, 2008)  Lots of people design their gardens and add all the plants, trees, shrubs and bushes and then that is that, however if you have not thought about adding a water feature to the garden then you will be missing out on something that can help take your garden to the next level. Water features come in ..

Custom Fountains - Using Imagination and Design Flare

(August 08, 2008)  For many people buying a fountain that has already been crafted will be sufficient and due to the number of different styles to choose from you will generally find one that will fit into your room and it will look great. However, too really be unique customising is the only way to have a one off ..

Floor Fountains - Different Styles Make Unique Features

(August 08, 2008)  Many people who are more traditional will be interested in the rustic floor fountains and these tend to make use of many different natural resources including stone and slate. The contemporary designs which fit well into the modern day are made of slightly differing materials of which these include .

Wall Mounted Fountains Help to Enhance Well Being

(July 30, 2008)  With the continual flow and movement of water this has similar effects to a humidifier and adds moisture into the air, this is particularly important in places that have very dry air which can cause health problems for many people including breathing and respiration issues. This is not the only way .


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