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Growing Plants Indoors

(May 24, 2011)  We all love to decorate our home with fresh indoor plants. Keeping some plants inside your rooms helps you create a fresh lively look and healthy atmosphere to live. Not all plants can be grown inside, however there are plenty that can be and there are even plants that you can not grow outside ..

Handmade Kitchens For Everyone?

(April 30, 2011)  Our home is unique, and we like to keep it unique from every other home, designed and decorated according to our personal choice. There are a wide range of kitchens available from many kitchen suppliers, however if you want something really unique you will want to have a look for a handmade ..

Tips for Creating Luxury Kitchens Yourself

(April 30, 2011)  Anyone would love to have a luxurious kitchen in their home. If you enjoy cooking and baking, or even just spending time within the kitchen in which case you will love luxury kitchens! Luxury kitchens encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen with your friends and family. The problem is ..

Making A Small Kitchen Beautiful!

(April 29, 2011)  It's not always the case that a house will have a spacious, light and airy kitchen in. A lot of properties, mainly the older houses or very new buildings have quite small kitchens. The kitchen is often referred to as being the most important area of the house and as such it is vital that you make .

Creating A Bespoke Home Office

(March 18, 2011)  It doesnt matter whether its a room for storing your books and computer in, or if you use it all day every day, no home is complete without a home office in the modern day. Most people are not lucky enough to have a house which has an office in it though, which means that either an extension or ..


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  • modern comfortable interior
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