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Why Choose Solar Landscape Lighting?

(August 15, 2011)  If you're looking for a good introduction to the prospect of solar landscape lighting, the aim of this article is to give you some reasons to seriously consider the use of outdoor solar lights. The latest generation of solar powered lights are naturally suited to almost every application and the ..

How to Get the Most Out of Solar LED Garden Lights

(August 11, 2011)  Solar LED lighting fixtures are increasingly becoming more popular as a mainstay in homeowner's landscape lighting designs. Today's outdoor solar lights are environmentally friendly, come in a wide range of attractive styles, and are constructed of high-quality materials capable of withstanding all .

8 Tips for Choosing Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

(August 11, 2011)  If you're in the market for solar power outdoor lights, you'll be pleased to know these fixtures have evolved quite a bit from just a few short years ago. In days gone by, solar outdoor lighting products came in limited shapes, were bulky, and it wasn't easy to find high-quality products. On top of .

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Chandelier

(August 10, 2011)  When considering the installation of outdoor lights for the home, many people choose to add an outdoor chandelier to their porch, sunroom, deck or gazebo. Not only do outdoor lighting chandeliers extend time that can be spent on productive activities as evening arrives, but they also greatly ..

Outdoor Security Lighting - High-Intensity Discharge Lights

(January 15, 2011)  Most commonly associated with outdoor flood lights, there are many options to choose from when designing an outdoor security lighting system. The most well-thought systems combine a mixture of lights designed for continual use with those designed to instantly switch on and automatically turn off by .

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting - Types and Installation Tips

(January 14, 2011)  Looking for information about motion sensor outdoor lighting? Most people in the market for this type of lighting have security concerns as a primary motivation for implementing this integral component of a home security system. This landscape lighting component is typically used to illuminate ..

Outdoor Lighting Kits - The Pros and Cons

(January 02, 2011)  Is landscape lighting something you are considering to finish off your overall landscaping design? If you go the route of bringing in a professional service, it may surprise you how expensive a job like this can become. If the costs of working with a professional service have put your plans on ..

Outdoor Flood Lights - How Choose Which Type Is Best For You

(January 02, 2011)  If you're looking for a way to shed the maximum amount of light on your yard, driveway or deck, outdoor flood lights just might be the answer. These lights typically are used for security reasons and also to illuminate a yard, deck, or driveway. Their primary purpose is to flood (or blanket) an an ..

Outside Lights - Beautify, Secure and Raise the Value of You ...

(December 29, 2010)  Thinking about lighting up your yard with outside lights? A properly designed and implemented landscape lighting design will not only provide you with years of enjoyment and security, but the permanent improvements will also instantly add value to your home. The warm and inviting feeling provided ..


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