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How To Attract Girls - Part 1

(February 12, 2008)  How to attract girls without them even knowing it. Remember, there's only one part of a man's body that most girls will melt for - and it's not what you think. . . Here is some very important tips to remember: Girls will very seldom just start chatting with you because it is the way they were ..

Ways Guys Can Attract Girls - In 3 Amazingly Easy Steps

(February 12, 2008)  3 Ways guys can attract girls easily. Follow the following 3 steps and you will never be without a beautiful girl again. . . Step1 - Be Yourself I know this sounds corny and cliche but is is very important. If you impress her now with something that you are not, she will eventually get bored when ..

How To Get Your Ex Back - Part 3

(February 07, 2008)  How to get your ex back is easy if you know what to say. The next 5 things will do the trick. . . Write a poem telling your ex how stupid you were fro doing whatever it is that you did. Really make a good effort to write a poem that shows how sincere and sorry you are. Buy your ex two tickets to .

How To Get Your Ex Back - Part 2

(February 05, 2008)  How to get your ex back. Here is the 5 common mistakes people make when trying to get back together with their ex's. Make sure you don't make any of the following. . . Mistake 1: Don't try to fix things by constantly telling your ex that you love him or her so much and therefore you must get ..

How To Get Your Ex Back - Part 1

(February 05, 2008)  How to get your ex back without making a fool of yourself is very important because you still need to have self-confidence to build the relationship after you are together again. Here is the 3 most important things you must do. . . Make absolutely sure you are the most wanted person on the list ..

How To Find A Girlfriend In 3 Simple Steps

(February 05, 2008)  How to find a girlfriend literally make some men break out in a cold sweat because they are so afraid of being rejected that they totally become brain-dead the moment they have to open their mouth. Here is 3 things you must know that will break the stupid shackles of fear forever. Most people are .

How To Make Out - The Playmate Way

(January 30, 2008)  The biggest myth is that you have to be good-looking, rich or well endowed to get a woman. . . This is simply not true. This famous playmate share the secrets that drives her and most other women crazy with sexual lust. Here is 3 things that men think is important for women to sexually desire them .


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