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Deborrah Cooper 
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21st Century Dating Rules For Men Everything Old is New Again

(July 01, 2008)  By taking the time to understand what women are looking for in a romantic partner, you can jump into the singles world confident and ready! Otherwise, you are bound to hear a lot of conversations that end with “You're a nice guy, but" and “I think we should just be friends. " You have ..

Why Nice Guys Suck and Women Dont Want Them

(July 01, 2008)  There are many men that feel they are a “nice guy" and that women are crazy to pass them over. Well, I have some news for you dudes. Nobody cares that you are “nice. " See, the problem is that “nice" guys put themselves on some sort of pedestal. Nice guys like to think they are ..

Single Men Just So You Know, This is What Women Want

(July 01, 2008)  Jokes on this subject are plentiful. "What is the smallest book in the world?" Answer: What Men Know About Women!" Men all over the world scratch their heads in dismay and ask each other “what do women want?" Even the learned Sigmund Freud, referred to with awe as the father of modern ..

Single, Dating and Looking for Love? Choose Smart!

(January 22, 2008)  How many times have I heard dismayed lovers exclaim “I fell in love and I just stayed too long. I knew s/he wasn't the one! We had so many problems. . . all we did was fight! But I just couldn't help it. . . “ The frequency of that statement leads me to believe that when it comes to ..


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