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Cats Impact Human Behavior

(January 11, 2009)  Are you a cat owner? Was there something about your cat when you picked her out that drew you to her? I own a cat named Pepper that I picked out of a litter when she wasn't quite 24 hours old. I know, what can you tell about a little kitten who doesn't even have her eyes open. I'm not really sure, ..

The Bare Bones of Cat Ownership

(November 23, 2008)  Having any family pet is a big responsibility so you must know all the basic steps on how to care for it. So if you are interested in having a cat, you should know more about cat care. Owning a pet cat is not as easy as feeding it every day. Food is not the only thing a pet cat requires to stay ..

Overweight Pooch?

(September 17, 2008)  Is your dog overweight? Many owners don't really know when our furry friends are in need of losing a few pounds. It may be that we see them every day and just don't notice the change. Veterinary nutritionists estimate that 25 to 40 percent of U. S. dogs are obese. Weighing 20 percent more than ..

Dog Diet Tips

(August 06, 2008)  Many dog owners ask what the best thing is to feed their furry companion. Is dry better than canned? Should I make it myself or is it the right amount? It's hard to know the right thing to do. First of all, if your dog is overweight, you want to be aware of the portion of food you are giving him. ..

Animals Need Our Help

(July 24, 2008)  The news is full of stories where family pets as well as strays are being dropped off at animal shelters. One report stated that thirteen kittens had been left outside an Animal Control facility in a couple cat carriers. Another told of ten puppies being dropped off at a humane society. Why this ..

Ticks and Fleas

(July 17, 2008)  Tis the season for ticks and fleas to drive our four legged furry friends crazy. If you've noticed your pets chewing at the base of their tail and/or scratching themselves a lot, they've probably been infested. So, what to do? To really get rid of these pests is no small accomplishment. First ..

July is UV Safety Month and Not Just For Humans

(July 01, 2008)  Yes, summer is here and we all need to know what steps to take to minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays. This applies not only to humans, but to our pets as well. If you live in a hot climate, there are steps you can take to keep your pet from overheating or getting sunburned. Yes, pets can get ..

Are There Really Bad Dogs?

(June 25, 2008)  Whenever the owner of a dog calls it bad, it is normally a reflection of them. It's irritating when walking down the sidewalk in your own neighborhood only to have a dog jump up on your clean clothes. When your front yard is the chosen venue for the dog next door to leave his many calling cards, ..

Dog Bite Prevention Week

(May 27, 2008)  The third week of May each year is designated as Dog Bite Prevention Week. We've recently concluded that week and hope that the statistics will show an improvement over the prior year. It's such a preventable issue, yet the numbers are bad enough that a week has been dedicated to its awareness. So .

Pets and Allergies

(May 06, 2008)  Are you allergic to your pet? Studies show that approximately 15% of us are allergic to dogs or cats. In fact, there's an estimated 1/3 of us who live with a pet that we are allergic to. So strong are our ties to our loving furry family members that we'd prefer to suffer than be without them. So ..

Doggie Angels

(April 29, 2008)  Doggie angels can also be called dog rescue transport volunteers and coordinators. These volunteer doggie angels donate countless hours of their time and save hundreds of dogs from being euthanized in shelters that are too full. The way it works is when a shelter's space starts to become too ..

Animal Abuse Abounds

(March 13, 2008)  Why do some people neglect and abuse defenseless animals? Cases of animal cruelty seem to be on the rise and are happening everywhere. It seems a day doesn't pass without reading of some terrible inhumane treatment to animals. We've all heard of the dog and puppy mills, but there's so much more out .

Pet Hospital With A Personal Touch

(February 28, 2008)  When your pet is really sick and needs a veterinary hospital, what better place to take them than a hospital designed with a personal touch toward the pets and their owners. I read about one such place recently and hope that more will follow. Durham, NC is home to the Bahama Road Veterinary ..

Why Spay and Neuter?

(January 30, 2008)  Can you imagine working at a Humane Society where literally thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized because of the volume of animals coming through the doors? Statistically, a female cat can give birth to 20,000 kittens in five years. The lions share of these are brought into a Humane Society by ..


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