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How to Stop a Puppy From Whining - 3 Tips That Will Help!

(January 12, 2009)  If you want to know how to stop a puppy from whining, then try these 3 tips. Tip #1 Puppies HATE being alone. They were close to their mother and now they have you and they wan to be close to YOU! If they are not, then they can easily start whining. Crate training will help with this problem and ..

Leash Training Puppies - The Right Way!

(January 12, 2009)  Leash training puppies can be challenging but is something that needs to be learned early on. Walking your dog on a leash will be something that you'll probably do on a daily basis so making sure your puppy learns the correct way to do it is very important. If this training is overlooked in the ..

Puppy Training Video - But What Video Do I Choose?

(January 12, 2009)  Looking for a puppy training video to help train your new puppy? There are a ton of free you tube videos on the internet that will show you exactly how to train your puppy, but the question is, how do you know for SURE that they know what they're talking about? The last thing you want to do is ..

Dog Training Shock Collars - A Big Mistake!

(January 11, 2009)  Many dog owners are unaware that dog training shock collars are not the correct approach when trying to train a dog not to bark. Unfortunately, everyone wants a quick fix these days to keep their dog from barking and that is exactly what a shock collar is. . . a quick fix. These collars are ..

Looking For a Dog Training Treat? 6 Tips to Finding the Bes ...

(September 22, 2008)  Are you looking for a dog training treat that your dog will absolutely love? One that will make him want to follow your every command?? Well here are a few tips to help you find just the right ones! 1. Be sure and get a dog training treat with a quality protein source. It's important to treat your ..

Looking For Premium Canned Dog Food? 5 Tips For Finding the ...

(September 22, 2008)  Are you looking for the the best premium canned dog food for your dog? Well here are a few tips to help you find the best! 1. Always make sure there is plenty of quality protein listed in the first few ingredients. Look for quality protein sources like organic chicken, turkey, venison, crab or ..

Best Canned Dog Food - Tips For Choosing the Best!

(September 22, 2008)  Looking for the best canned dog food? Here are a few tips to help you find the best! 1. Choose a canned dog food that is very high quality and all natural. Find one that is formulated, and tested according to nutritional profiles of AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) for ALL ..

Feed Your Dog Healthy Treats - Tips For Finding the Best!

(September 17, 2008)  Like to feed your dog healthy treats? Here are 5 tips to finding your dog healthy treats they will love! 1. Be sure and feed your dog healthy treats that include the antioxidants vitamin E and rice bran. Both of theses are widely recognized as important antioxidant sources. Not only that, the rice ..

Best Puppy Food For Chihuahua

(February 14, 2008)  Feeding your Chihuahua the best puppy food will help ensure good health for many years to come. So many health related problems in dogs can stem from a lack of the proper nutrition when they were a puppy. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a puppy food for your Chihuahua. . . . . . ..

Dog Nipping - 5 Tips To Stop Dog Nipping

(January 23, 2008)  1. When your dog does nip be sure to stop playing with him immediately. Let him know that it hurt by saying “ouch". Then you can tell him, “bad dog, no bite". It is important to be consistent when you discipline him, so make sure you tell him the same thing each time. 2. Be sure and ..

Best Dog Food - 6 Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Food

(January 20, 2008)  It's pretty confusing these days, isn't it? Every company claims that they have the best dog food. But do they really? And then there are the recalls that have affected so many people and their pets. So. . . how do you really know if what you're feeding your dog is actually good for them or not? ..


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