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The Cat Mate Cat Flap and the Feline Squatter

(March 03, 2010)  You know about the idyllic family life. A sunny spring morning; the family all asleep in their beds. The birds are chirping outside, which means that Clinton (the cat) must be inside sunning himself on a window or in his basket. So I head to the kitchen to create some breakfast for the family. ..

Cat Repeller That Even Garfield Would Turn His Nose Up To

(January 29, 2010)  You may be as surprised to hear that a cat repeller actually exists as I am. Then again, this product may be old news for you. In either case, I wanted to explore the reasons why someone would want to purchase a product like cat repeller This is especially true because I have a very good one. My ..

Tips on How to Choose a Vet For Your Dog

(June 20, 2008)  When we need a service performed (on anything), the first port of call is usually the Yellow Pages (or their equivalent). Pick up the book and find someone who is close to you. Right? But would you take your kids to a Doctor you don't know? Perhaps if you have just moved to a new town and you don't .


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