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Giving a Pet As a Gift

(July 19, 2008)  A pet can be a wonderful addition to a family. It can brighten up the lives of the children and parents and bring joy into the household. Obviously, for these reasons, giving a pet as a Christmas or birthday gift is a very popular practice. It is sure to be a gift that will be an initial hit with ..

What We Can Learn From Ants

(May 19, 2008)  Personally I have always had a fascination with ants, and although I have never owned an ant kit, I have longed for one for many years! I am most envious therefore, of those children whose parents have purchased one of these kits. In case you haven't come across an ant kit, it is basically two tall .

Having A Pet Rabbit - Fun Along With Responsibility

(March 20, 2008)  Rabbits are very cute and cuddly and many have the idea that it is very easy to have them as pets. Children love to play with rabbits and as they are soft and cuddly, children like to catch them or hold them. Before deciding to have a rabbit as a pet, you need to learn some points so that you find ..

Teaching Kids About Animals Is Fun

(March 20, 2008)  Teaching kids about animals can be quite interesting, and if you add trips to the zoo for that purpose, it will be all the more helpful. They can learn there about how animals behave, their eating habits, from where they come from, and the sounds they make. Animals of various types are found in the .

Teach Your Kids About Wild Animals

(March 20, 2008)  Kids are curious by nature, and get very excited to learn about those things that are not apparent, and that they are not able to see. When you ask them what stories they want to listen to, the most common answer would be that they would like to listen to stories of wild animals or some dangerous ..

Pet Animals - Dogs or Cats?

(March 20, 2008)  Most of us like to have pets at home, especially kids who get excited about the idea of having a pet at home. There are some pretty common pets that are usually seen in most houses and they are dogs, cats, rabbits etc. Dogs are preferred because they guard their master, and the house, and will ..

Importance Of Teaching Kids To Train Pets

(March 20, 2008)  Most kids would love to have pets at home. Most kids like to have a dog or cat as a pet. Children will get a brilliant experience with pets. Pets help kids in learning about the responsibility, love, and care for a fellow living being. Parents have to give certain instructions or advice to their ..


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