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What Not To Feed Sugar Gliders

(August 10, 2011)  For those people, who may be wondering what they should not be feeding sugar gliders, this article may be of some help. Following is a list of some foods that people should never feed to these pets, as well as, some foods that many people may be feeding sugar gliders, but that are highly ..

Tricks You Can Teach Sugar Gliders

(August 09, 2011)  Teach Your Sugar Glider New Tricks! So, you've gotten your sugar gliders home and want to teach them some tricks to show off to your friends? Well here's a good starting point. Sugar gliders love to jump, glide, somersault, swing and pretty much do anything that lets them be in the air which is in .

Needs of a Baby Sugar Glider

(August 08, 2011)  What You Need To Do Sugar gliders are delivered into their mother’s pouch just 16 days after conception, where they live for 60 to 75 days, nursing on their mother’s breast milk. The earlier a baby is removed from its mother, the more time consuming will be the challenge of raising it ..

5 Rules To Buying A Sugar Glider

(August 07, 2011)  Things To Check Before Buying A Sugar Glider Sugar gliders are becoming very popular pets in the U. S. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you buy one though. Here are just 5 things to do or check before you commit to buying a glider. The very first thing you should check ..

Fun Things For Glider Cages

(August 06, 2011)  Sugar Glider Cages When it comes to sugar glider cages the bigger the aviary the better. Most people gain that space in height when building their own glider cages. Cages can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. No smaller than 36" tall and 36" wide is recommended as sugar gliders need height to .

Sugar Glider Breeders

(August 05, 2011)  Choosing A Glider Breeder Finding a reputable sugar glider breeder fairly close to you is not to difficult a task for most parts of the country. These are individuals who take on the responsibility of maintaining breeding sugar gliders and genuinely love the animals they are breeding. These ..

Sugar Gliders For Kids

(August 04, 2011)  Choosing the perfect pet to add as a member of the family is a big decision. An animal to consider that has gained popularity as a pet in recent years is sugar gliders. Owners have found the gliders to offer affectionate companionship and endless entertainment. This tiny nocturnal marsupial has ..

Stages Of A Glider Diet

(August 03, 2011)  Building a Proper Sugar Gliders Diet Proper diet is one of the most important things to consider when raising a sugar glider. Yes, this is true of almost any pet, but especially so with a sugar glider. A proper sugar gliders diet should always be maintained as these animals are very sensitive to ..

Things Needed to Breed Sugar Gliders

(August 02, 2011)  Sugar gliders are small marsupials that from the outset look like tiny chipmunks and they only grow to be between eleven (11) to twelve (12) inches long. These furry creatures are in the same family as kangaroos in that the mother keeps her young in a pouch. If you are interested in becoming a ..

Sugar Glider Joey's

(August 01, 2011)  Young sugar glider joeys need special attention and feedings when they are this vulnerable age. If you find them with bite marks and sores on their bodies or if you find them at the bottom of the cage or crying all the time then this is a sign that the mother sugar glider is rejecting the young ..

Best Places to Buy Sugar Gliders

(July 31, 2011)  Sugar Gliders are beautiful pets that are interesting to watch and to interact with. They can bite if harassed but they are friendly if well handled. This small animal is home reared and raised to an age when it is ready to be availed for sale as a pet. They are very interesting pets and keeping ..

Sugar Glider Accessories

(July 30, 2011)  Sugar gliders are very social and active little creatures that require a significant amount of stimulation. The necessary stimuli must be provided through several forms of interaction including direct contact with their human friends and other sugar gliders, as well as environmentally, via the use ..

How to Breed Sugar Gliders

(July 29, 2011)  The process of breeding sugar gliders is not an easy task and it should not be done carelessly or lightly. There are a lot of things that need to be in place before you get started. You simply cannot put a pair of sugar gliders together and expect that nature will take its course and make it easy ..

Sugar Glider Fun Facts

(July 28, 2011)  A Sugar Glider, also known as Sugar Bears or Honey Gliders, are marsupials indigenous to Australia, New Guinea, and the surrounding islands called the Bismarck Archipelago. They are quite popular as exotic pets in the United States, and are illegal in four of those states. There are many Glider ..

Diet For Sugar Gliders

(July 27, 2011)  Sugar Glider Diet-What To know Most people who do not know what a sugar glider diet is all about think that when they hear the name, that these animals live on sugary foods or fruit. That could not be further from the truth. In fact, too much sugary food can be very detrimental to a sugar glider. ..

Breeding Your Sugar Glider

(July 26, 2011)  A sugar glider is a marsupial native to Australia and has become wildly popular as a pet in the United States. Because sugar gliders have become popular pets throughout the world, many people have begun breeding them. The breeding process takes a lot of time, attention, and care. Before deciding to .

Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets?

(July 25, 2011)  Sugar gliders are gentle and make great pets. Contrary to popular belief, sugar gliders are not rodents. They are marsupials in the same general family as kangaroos and koala bears. These amazing creatures possess many qualities that make them great pets, but the best thing about them is that ..

Tips On Buying A Sugar Glider

(July 24, 2011)  Buying Sugar Gliders The Right Way Sugar gliders are very affectionate animals who will become bonded and loyal companions. It is for this reason that many people are interested in acquiring a pet glider. However, gliders are exotic pets. You can’t just walk into any pet store and find a ..

Important Facts for Sugar Glider Cages

(July 23, 2011)  Sugar gliders are a type of small gliding possum, with a squirrel-like body, and a long tail. They are marsupials and are approximately 12 to 13 inches long from their nose to thetips of their tails. Six of those inches are pure tail. They have soft fur coats that come in many colors such as ..

Getting A Great Breeder For A Sugar Glider

(July 22, 2011)  Sugar gliders are so adorable that it’s easy to buy one on impulse at a pet store or online. However, not buying one from a reputable sugar glider breeder may cause you problems in the future. The most common problem that people have when purchasing a sugar glider through a pet store or a ..

The 5 Most Important Facts About Sugar Gliders

(July 21, 2011)  Too Sweet: The Care and Raising of Sugar Gliders which are tiny, gliding possums native to Australia and are now commonly kept as pets, especially in the United States, require some special care. Here are some facts. Arboreal and Nocturnal Gliders are arboreal marsupials that eat insects, mice ..


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