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Beauty and Brains - American Eskimo Dog

(January 15, 2009)  This is one beautiful breed of dog. It has descended from the Spitz family. It's a breed of sled dog from Europe. But as time passed they bred it down to become smaller, defeating its original purpose to continue service as a pet. Sharing the family's general body structure. A double coat, one ..

Taming the Blue Pitbull

(January 14, 2009)  One of the most stereotyped breeds up to date. When people hear the words “dog" and “attack", they usually think of none other than the pitbull - a dog with a very bad reputation. This bad boy is short in height, but makes up for it with its very muscular build. It has a huge mouth with .

Teach Your Pooch to Be Obedient Thru Dog Leash Training

(January 14, 2009)  Do you envision yourself with your pet walking along the streets, around your neighborhood, or strolling in the park together? What a lovely sight would that be especially when you need not control your pet because it behaves perfectly fine. It does not attempt to go ahead of you or pull its leash. .

Owning a Great Dane

(January 13, 2009)  This dog's large, tall and beautiful physique is what makes it a popular choice among dog breeders worldwide. It's built very strong, superior to the other breeds, as many have said. It's great for people into outdoor activities. The Great Dane will tag along and keep up with almost any physical ..

Make Or Buy Considerations For a Dog House

(January 13, 2009)  Dogs need a dwelling place to sleep in especially when they are not allowed inside your homes. By letting your pet stay outside does not mean you don't care for it. In fact there are advantages when your pooch sleeps outside and one of those is its proximity to the yard when it needs to do potty. ..

Dog Training - Teaching Your Dog Obedience

(January 12, 2009)  Perhaps obedience is the most important thing that any pet should render to its master. Dog obedience is a great thing to have. Having a defiant dog can create a lot of stress and problems for the owner. It's vital that you have control over your pet. Ruling it with an iron fist is out of the ..

Adopting an Abandoned Dog

(January 12, 2009)  For certified dog lovers, abandoning a dog is a mortal sin especially if the pooch has been with the family for quite a long time. There are various possible reasons for the case of an abandoned dog. So before you shake your head or howl in disagreement take a look first at the reasons why some dog .

Never Be Deceived by a Fake Dog Food

(January 11, 2009)  Of all the things you've heard about commercial dog foods and all their scams would still feed your pet with their products? Or you think that some companies are just messing other companies successful business strategies that they tend to deceive the public. Well for one thing those claims and ..

Stinky Dog Solutions - Dog Grooming Products

(January 10, 2009)  Nobody likes a stinky dog and everybody hates it when their dog goes running around the house covered in mud. Don't you just hate it when they jump up on you lap and ruin your pants? When you wake up to the terrible smell of their mouths? Or scratch you with their dirty nails? Despite the fact that .

The Things You Need to Consider Before Getting a Dog Fence

(January 10, 2009)  You might be tired of all those dog training courses and don't know what do with your pooch. You might be also sick with all those “make your pet obedient" promises. After all the time and money that you have invested you still can't get any positive results regarding your pet's behavior. If ..

Housetraining Made Easy

(December 23, 2008)  Adopting a puppy is always fun but unlike shopping your responsibility extends way beyond after you brought it home. It isn't like a shirt that you can put inside your drawers neither a piece of furniture that just stays in one corner to be adored by everyone. A puppy is always active and friendly ..

Facts You Need to Know About German Shepherd Dogs

(December 22, 2008)  For active families who are looking for a versatile pet, German shepherd dogs must be on top of your choices. They can be a house pet and at the same time they can also be a working dog as guard or police dog. It is known to all that German shepherd dogs are popular police dogs and rescuers. ..

The Things You Need to Know About Canine Dermatitis

(December 21, 2008)  Whenever your canine friend suffers from illnesses you really want to do something to ease the pain it feels rather than sit and watch. Your pet's painful experiences will never seem to end if you would just stare at the situation. You have to do something to lessen or even eliminate the pain. The ..

Factors to Watch Out in Commercial Dog Food

(December 20, 2008)  Dogs just like human beings also need a balanced diet. It is never enough to just feed your dogs with fancy looking commercial dog food. Not all canine foods that are advertised extensively may be good to your pet even if they promise to contain the right nutrients for a canine's need. Choosing ..

Feeding Your Dog Between the Lines

(December 20, 2008)  If you think that your role as a responsible owner is enough when you have purchase or made the right dog food then think again. Getting the food is just one part and feeding your dog with it is another. However it does not mean that you just grab a bag of dog food and pay it at the counter. ..

Litter Train Dogs For a Cleaner Household

(December 19, 2008)  It is very essential to litter train dogs while they are still young. A litter-trained dog can be a big help to you and the people in your household. The moment you decide to get a puppy, you need to know how to litter train a dog. This is important since not all the times your pet will have an ..

Various Dog Food Recipes For More Exciting Meals

(December 18, 2008)  There are numerous ways for dog owners to maintain their pet's good health. You can feed your dogs with a variety of vitamins and supplements to keep them healthy. You can also make them exercise for better resistance and maintain ideal weight. However, among the list feeding them with the right ..

The Challenges in Dog Breeding

(December 17, 2008)  Dog breeding business is perhaps one of the more popular businesses worldwide. With man's fascination towards canines, dog breeders have seen the potential of making profit through dog breeding. Indeed, dogs are the most favorite of most people as they can be great companions or guards. More and ..

A Clean Dog is a Healthy Dog

(December 17, 2008)  There is no problem if you want to hug your pet all the time. Just make sure that they are clean. Cleanliness is vital to a dog's health. If your pooch is clean it can serve as a deterrent to some forms of dog diseases and dog skin problems. Having a healthy dog is not wishful thinking. In fact it ..

Enjoy Teaching Dog Tricks to Your Dogs

(December 16, 2008)  It is such a pleasure for any dog owner to show off his pet's talents to other people. That is why many pet owners also strive to teach dog tricks to their pets so that they will have talents to show off. Along the way of rearing dogs, dog owners may lose enthusiasm towards their pets since they ..

Caring For Senior Dogs

(December 16, 2008)  Your beloved canine pet does not stay young forever. Even if you want to prolong their life the inevitable is still destined to come. Every living thing is subject to that law of nature. But given that fact, if you would be allowed to choose how it will end of course you will opt for the easy and ..

Avoid Dog Skin Problems For Healthier Pets

(December 16, 2008)  Dog skin problems are perhaps the second major concern of most canine owners. Next to health problems, your dog's skin is the next part of your dog's anatomy that you have to pay extra attention on. It is quite disturbing seeing a dog that is endlessly scratching his skin. As much as it is an eye ..

Preparing Homemade Dog Food is Never a Waste of Time

(December 15, 2008)  Do you consider it time consuming to prepare food for your pet? Or you just don't have the luxury of time for it? How about if you find out that your pup's life will be extended for a little longer? Wouldn't you change your mind? Preparing homemade dog food has a lot of benefits. The only trouble ..

Dog Training is Never Meant to Be Difficult

(December 14, 2008)  Have you ever attempted creating your very own dog training? It's not bad to seek help from professional dog trainers because they have devoted their lives understanding the nature of dogs. And they definitely have something very important to tell. However, the very best trainer for your pet is ..

Know If Mastiff Dogs Are For You Or Not

(December 14, 2008)  For aspiring canine owners, knowing more about the different breeds must be an important factor in their decision-making. It is not advisable to just get a puppy without knowing its character and other important details about its breed. One of the popular breeds is the Mastiff. Mastiff dogs are ..


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