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Flea Treatment - Let Me Count the Ways

(October 28, 2008)  We always want the best when we choose among things. This includes our choice for the best flea treatment. We don't want to waste our time, effort, and money using flea treatments that do not work. It can be frustrating when your dog or cat gets infested by fleas. They will be all over your pet's ..

Looking For the Right Flea Treatment For Your Cat

(October 28, 2008)  What do cats and dogs have in common? Aside from four legs, tail, paws, and being outright adorable cats and dogs may be infested with fleas. Dogs are not the only ones affected by fleas. Your feline sweetie may also have flea problems. Cats who love to roam around your back yard or your ..

Prevention is Key to Flea Treatment

(October 28, 2008)  A warm and humid weather is like a party zone for fleas and ticks. Most likely, your dog is more inclined to have fleas and ticks in this kind of weather rather than in cooler, drier locations. A flea on your dog may be considered as a bad sign since there can be hundreds of fleas in less than a ..


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