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Real Estate Marketing Advice - Now is the Time to Get Very S ...

(September 23, 2008)  If you truly desire to sell your property now is the time for you and everyone involved to get extremely serious about the sales task. In the very near future trillions of dollars worth of real estate will be competing with the sale of your real estate. If you do not beat this wave you will find ..

Real Estate Marketing Advice - Showing Your Property is Real ...

(September 09, 2008)  "Do you have, and will you devote the necessary time for the marketing and showings?" "Will you be available for showings at the convenience of the buyer instead of only at your convenience?" These are two questions that a Realtor recently addressed to For Sale by Owners (FSBO's) in a recent ..

Realtor Conflict of Interest - The National Association of R ...

(August 11, 2008)  The proposed settlement between the Department of Justice and the National Association of Realtors of the antitrust suit includes the agreement that the National Association of Realtors will no longer block the ability of virtual office (Internet) brokers from the use of the Multiple Listing ..

Realtor Conflict of Interest - The Dept of Justice Vs The Na ...

(August 07, 2008)  Realtors are supposed to have a fiduciary relationship with buyers or sellers of real estate. They are sworn to uphold this capacity and work in the best interest of either the buyer or the seller. That is to place the best interest of the buyer or seller first, above their best interest. ..

Real Estate Marketing Advice Watch Your Pricing The R E Maven

(July 24, 2008)  I have just corresponded with another seller that that is anxious to sell but also admits that they have padded their price so that they can net their desired price after negotiations. They have included fat onto the value so that the fat can be sacrificial and they can still walk away with what ..

Real Estate Marketing Advise Be Careful of Who You Talk To!

(July 17, 2008)  As a seller, when you enter into the real estate office that has your property listed for sale, how many people in that office are working for you? Lets say it's a big office and there are a total of 25 Realtors that work at this office. How many do you think work in your best interest? Back in the .

Association of Realtors Conflict of Interest With Deposit Money

(July 10, 2008)  Some Association of Realtors listing contracts allow the Broker to keep one half of the Seller's deposit money if the Buyer defaults. This permission is snuck into some listing contracts and most Sellers do not know what they have committed to until it is too late. "In the event a buyer defaults ..

Sellers Need to Get a Commitment From Realtor Before Listing ...

(July 09, 2008)  Money is tight in real estate and real estate sales offices are no exception. Even the large national brand offices are cutting back on expenses and the largest expense that they have is their advertising budget. They are all hurting and cutting back on what they spend. For your property to sell ..

Seller Pays For the Buyer's Agents to Represent Buyer Agains ...

(July 02, 2008)  On an Association of Realtors, Inc. EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO REPRESENT BUYER form it states “the Broker will make every effort to obtain payment of all or any part of this fee by the Seller of the property. " The Buyers Agent will try to get the Seller to pay his or her commission fee. The Buyer's .

There is an Old Saying in Real Estate That 90% of the Real E ...

(June 30, 2008)  This is not far fetched. There truly is an entirely separate class of Real Estate Professional out in the marketplace. The full time professional verses the part time pretenders. The ten percent minority consists of realty professionals that are most often full time, Type A, workaholics that are ..

Realtors Own Forms Show Breach of Fiduciary Capacity!

(June 29, 2008)  Contained in a “State-wide Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement " form there is the following clause; “In the event that the Seller's Broker is made a party to the lawsuit by virtue of acting as escrow agent, the Seller's Broker shall be entitled to ..

Sellers Beware of Property Disclosure Forms

(June 25, 2008)  It is becoming common practice for listing Realtors to have Sellers fill out a “Property Disclosure Form" when they list a property for sale. In some states this from is required and in states where it is not, Realtors give out their own version for the Seller to complete. In the areas where .

Information Can and Will Be Used AGAINST the Seller!

(June 24, 2008)  Sellers beware! Your Realtor and many of the Real Estate web sites are sharing marketing statistics about your listing with potential Buyers that can and will be used against you. Monetarily. The number of Days that your property has been on the market is a commonly shared statistic. Your Realtor, .

Have You Ever Heard of a Dual Attorney?

(June 19, 2008)  Lets face it Lawyers suffer from a bad rap. I have known and done business with many an Attorney and personally do not agree with the bad reputation that seems to follow this profession around. But I will admit that some of the jokes are funny. Before you can hire an Attorney they or their office ..

Selling Realtors Are Obsolete

(June 17, 2008)  The time has come where Real Estate Sellers should realize that Sellers do not need the outdated services of a listing (seller's) agent. I differentiate between Seller Agents and Buyer Agents because Buyer's Agents perform a valuable service and are therefore instrumental and highly useful in the ..


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