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Cape Coral an education in luxury living

(March 28, 2012)  The Cape Coral economy centres around retail, the local governmental services, health care, construction and real estate which continues to thrive due to the continuing desire by huge numbers of people to relocate into the city. The draw of the place is obvious, but besides the idyllic location, ..

Cape Coral a city on the up

(March 27, 2012)  The United States Census Bureau's records give the beautiful city of Cape Coral in Florida a total area of 120 square miles of which 90% is land, meaning of course that the remaining 10% is water. It is a very sizeable peninsula with borders to the south and east with the Caloosahatchee River and ..

Cape Coral topping all lists

(February 24, 2012)  South west Florida is awash with history and culture spreading right back through the centuries to the time of the Calusa Indians and then a little later the Spanish Conquistadors. In those times there were Galleons bearing treasures sailing the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, often ..

Splash out on a waterfront home in Cape Coral

(February 24, 2012)  The vision of the two speculators who saw a bright future for Cape Coral could not possibly have stretched to the far reaching heights that this remarkable city has attained in the decades that have passed since those early years. Situated in a very convenient spot midway between Miami and Tampa, ..

Cape Coral condos capable of transforming lifestyles

(January 12, 2012)  There are some wonderful settings right across the United States, but the fabulous waterfront development at Cape Coral in Florida, certainly takes some beating. Previously it was just a 100 square mile area of land referred to as Redfish Point, and was bought by a couple of forward thinking ..

Cape Coral real estate has no comparison

(January 11, 2012)  The large peninsula that is the booming city of Cape Coral, sitting on Florida's Gulf of Mexico coast, continues to grow at a remarkable rate of knots. It is hard to believe the transformation of the place from the mangroves, salt marshes, muddy pools, hard limestone and deep vegetation that ..

Cape Coral a waterfront dream

(January 11, 2012)  Cape Coral in Florida is commonly referred to as a waterfront wonderland, in reference to the fact that the place has more than 400 miles of a navigable canal system, which is more than anywhere else in the world. The sheer extent of these water ways have actually had an effect on the tides and ..

Cape Coral real estate a community experience

(January 11, 2012)  Throughout the whole of Florida, there are many truly high class properties, but the developments at Cape Coral make it stand out, for the sheer number of outstanding, and just as importantly, affordable homes, which are grouped together in neighbourhoods and communities. With hundreds of miles of ..

Cape Coral takes the initiative on affordability

(December 11, 2011)  The Florida city of Cape Coral was incorporated in 1970, 12 years after the very first family moved into the area. The transformation that has taken place, from the tiny peninsula of what was Redfish Point, sitting peacefully across from the Caloosahatchee River, to what it is now is quite ..

Cape Coral - A real opportunity

(December 10, 2011)  With the difficult economic climate continuing to affect major decision making, many people are hesitating when it comes to dealing in matters which could leave them vulnerable financially and real estate would certainly feature high up on any list of things to steer clear of right now. However, ..

Cape Coral real estate a great investment make no mistake

(December 10, 2011)  Sitting in a large Peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida, Cape Coral provides wonderful waterfront living opportunities at fabulously reduced prices. The real estate market is positively booming in this idyllic setting and huge numbers of people are seizing the chances presented .

Cape Coral real estate a bargain in waiting

(December 10, 2011)  Back in 1958 when the very first residents of Cape Coral moved into the new development, there was simply no way that they could ever have envisaged the remarkable growth that sees this fabulous city now sitting in 11th position in terms of population, and 3rd place in terms of area, throughout the .

Cape Coral Real Estate The Real Deal

(November 17, 2011)  In common with many Florida districts, the new millennium brought about a boom in real estate for Cape Coral, the magnificent waterside location that has become a must have investment opportunity. With over 400 miles of canals on its doorstep, this relatively new city is a paradise on the main ..

Cape Coral Realty Becomes a Reality

(November 16, 2011)  Cape Coral the man made Florida heaven, was created just over 50 years ago, between Miami and Tampa, linking lakes, the Caloosahatchee River, and the waters around the Gulf of Mexico, to form one idyllic location. Possessing around 15 times more canals than Venice, it is obvious why this city is ..

Cape Coral Condos Golf or Water Option

(November 16, 2011)  In Cape Coral's early years, the city was viewed essentially as a community for the retired. It wasn't until it was granted city status in I970 that the real expansion took place and nowadays, with all its modern infrastructure, it is a thriving jewel in Florida's crown. With 114 square miles of ..

Cape Coral Condos an Affordable Dream

(November 16, 2011)  Cape Coral in Florida is a wonderful city full of activities and attractions, set in a location resembling that of a paradise island. Not only has it got sprawling soft sandy beaches and stunning views, it also has something for all the family, with the Sun Splash Water Park, BMX Park, Eagle Skate ..

Why Is San Diego Such A Great Place To Live?

(July 03, 2011)  There's no question about it…San Diego, California is one of the best places in the United States to live. In fact, it's frequently referred to as “America's Finest City. " Sure, it's a confident assertion to make, but the truth of the matter is that the facts back it up. Let's take a ..

The Benefits Of Hiring An Apartment Management Company

(March 19, 2011)  Thinking about hiring an apartment management company? There are several different methods to operating a multifamily apartment venture—approaches varying from working it “hands-on, " to hiring a third party to completely manage all operations of the apartment complex, and literally ..


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