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Families Urged to Take Out Life Insurance

(September 30, 2008)  As much as we would like to think that we are going to live forever many of us need to eventually start planning on how our family will be looked after should anything happen to us. It may seem morbid planning how things will play out should you become seriously injured or die unexpectedly, but ..

UK Drivers Being Charged More Due to the Uninsured

(September 17, 2008)  The cost of car insurance is slightly off-putting at the moment as many insurers have to cover a lot of increasing risks. The rising value of vehicles is an obvious reason for increased insurance quotes as many newer vehicles have more expensive parts and extras such as built in satellite ..

Level Term Assurance So You Can Be Rest Assured Youre Safe

(August 03, 2008)  When it comes to Life Insurance there is a tendency for people to be off put by the mere idea of it. If you think about it, it can seem a bit morbid but you'd be silly not to arrange a life insurance policy in this day and age, especially with the current financial climate being especially harsh. ..

Car Insurance Prices Set to Rise Unfortunately

(August 03, 2008)  The cost of living seems to rise by the day recently, first it was food prices then petrol skyrocketed above and beyond £1.00 per liter and now Car Insurance, an already high cost expense, is set to rise yet again according to some analysts. Car insurer Admiral who owns a number of other ..

Drivers Warned About Driving Without Insurance in the Face o ...

(August 03, 2008)  Car Insurance is a hot topic in the UK, in past years we've seen people spending more time on choosing their car insurance provider as prices have risen and more providers have entered the ball game. Car Insurance for young or newly qualified drivers has been notoriously high for a long time. This .

Car Insurance For Women - More Than Just Cheap Policies

(June 10, 2008)  By now you've probably seen the unbearable adverts on television and had their catchy jingles stuck in your head all day but car insurers that cater specifically for women have become increasingly popular with the fairer sex. Obviously there are the lower priced policies for them as they are ..

British Bargain Hunters Search Out Cheap Car Insurance

(June 10, 2008)  Over the past few years the rise of comparison shopping where you use a website or just search yourself for the best deal on a certain item has seen a massive surge of bargain hunters in the United Kingdom. The rising cost of living in the UK has led to people doing all they can to get goods and ..

What To Remember When Claiming On Car Insurance - Part One

(April 07, 2008)  Recently I was unfortunate to have a car accident, it was nothing major and thankfully no one was hurt, well apart from my car that is. When you crash a car you will obviously feel bad about it, but the fact that you just survived a potentially dangerous situation may set your mind racing and ..

What To Remember When Claiming On Car Insurance - Part Two

(April 07, 2008)  In the previous part to this article I explained that I'd recently had a car accident and covered the tips and information you should know if you're ever in a car accident and what you need to do in order to claim on your car insurance. This second part will look in to what you need to do when ..

Car Insurance Fraud - What to Look Out For

(January 20, 2008)  There is a worrying trend increasing in the North of England at the moment. Cities in the North of England are falling victim to the deceptive practice of car insurance fraud. In the past car insurance fraud was trying to claim damages in an accident that were incurred prior to the accident, sort ..

The War On Uninsured Drivers

(January 03, 2008)  Every year uninsured drivers cost over £500 million in damages, no one likes the idea of subsidising someone else's faults but still this figure remains ridiculously high. So high that the number of people caught driving without insurance has increased by almost a fifth in the past two years. The .

Big Car? Big Insurance Premium!

(January 03, 2008)  You may not have noticed but last year there was a change introduced in how much our vehicles cost in relation to Car Insurance premiums. More specifically, there was a change in how each vehicle is classed when taking out car insurance policies. You won't be seeing any major changes just yet ..

Car Insurance - Skip The Planes And Drive!

(January 01, 2008)  When we're off on our holidays the last thing we want is to have to be stuck in airports at the mercy of airlines that are afraid of a bit of fog/wind. This is clear from the chaos at airports this holiday season, but if you've travelled in the summer chances are you'll know what I'm talking about. .

Do I Really Need UK Travel Insurance?

(December 05, 2007)  When you think of why you'd need travel insurance you probably get images of broken legs whilst skiing, Car rental mishaps in the Mediterranean and eating some dodgy shrimp. You wouldn't normally associate a weekend break within the UK as somewhere you'd need travel insurance. But the truth is ..

Travel Insurance - Holidaying in a Winter Wonderland

(December 05, 2007)  According to the Ski Club of Great Britain ski holidays and skiing weekends are becoming ever more popular. With more and more of us taking advantage of cheap European flights we're able to get out on to the slopes more frequently and those who are more experienced are able to fit all their fun ..

Home Insurance - Cover For Christmas

(December 04, 2007)  Christmas is upon us again, and for most of us it means searching round the high street for the latest and greatest gifts for our loved ones. This can often be a very expensive task especially with the little ones wanting the latest games console amongst other high priced gifts. Then there's ..


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