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What to Expect of an Insurance Adjuster

(December 18, 2017)  A Kalamazoo insurance adjuster is an expert that assists property owners when they make an insurance claim. Making an insurance claim is a highly stressful activity following any kind of loss and it is quite difficult for individuals and businesses. An insurance adjuster in Kalamazoo can take those .

Why do you need a public insurance adjuster

(November 16, 2017)  Before we go into the details of the need of the public insurance adjuster, it is important to understand what the role of the public insurance adjuster is. An insurance adjuster is an individual who would appraise the damage done and consequently help you with claiming the right amount from the ..

Insurance Adjuster-What You Should Know

(October 15, 2017)  The main duty of an insurance adjustor is to find out what the exact compensation is that should be paid to the policy holders. Most insurance adjusters work in large property-liability insurance companies but there are some that are employed by insurance agencies, banks, etc. Their job is done in ..

Health Coverage in Elderly Adults

(September 07, 2017)  The words Medicare and Medicaid are very similar, and the differences confuse many people. To make matters worse, the two are government programs and the two help pay for health care. But that is where the similarities end; Medicare and Medicaid are two completely different programs. The main ..

The Role of an Insurance Adjuster

(January 06, 2017)  An insurance claims adjuster is charged with a number of roles. The main duty however can be said to be investigation of the claims on behalf of a company so as to make sure that that the person filing the claim is genuine. There are so many people that cause accidents intentionally just so that ..

In The Event Of Storm Damage to Your Roof

(September 08, 2016)  May be you live in a locality where storms are a common occurrence and they are such that they can cause considerable damage when they occur; many times you want to be sure that when you make a commercial roof damage insurance claim that your insurer is going to honor it. This is normally a major ..

How to Get a Generous Payout after Hail Damage

(August 06, 2016)  When you have experienced severe hail damage in San Antonio to your home’s roofing or siding; you are almost sure that your homeowners insurance will pay your claim and give you enough cash that will enable to do repairs or even replace the entire roof. The biggest problem is the most ..

How to Negotiate With an Insurance Adjuster

(July 11, 2016)  If you get involved in any form of accident and get a personal injury, there are all chances that you will get a call or a visit from an insurance adjuster; the first thing that you are going to remember is that you will not allow any kind of recording of your conversation. This is an extremely ..

What to Do After Experiencing a Natural Disaster

(June 02, 2016)  Nothing is more traumatizing to a homeowner that watching helplessly as your most expensive investment gets destroyed by fire, a flood or any other unavoidable catastrophe. And no matter how stressful and frightening the situation may be, there is the added stress of having to submit a ..


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