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Touring Caravan Insurance Policy

(January 04, 2011)  A touring caravan insurance policy is guaranteed to protect you financially should you encounter any problems whilst on your travels or when the caravan is not in use. However it is important to purchase a tailored policy to ensure you are paying for areas of insurance that suit your needs rather ..

Specialist Home Insurance Policies

(December 13, 2010)  People who do not choose to invest in full home insurance can be struck with devastating costs should an unfortunate situation arise. With households becoming victim to burglary every day within the UK, it is vital to ensure that your property is covered, both for your peace of mind and financial ..

Choosing The Cost of your Public Liability Insurance

(December 03, 2010)  Public liability insurance is an essential form of cover to have for any company working in the public sector. This is particularly prominent in the construction or building industries where public liability insurance can protect you and your business if a claim is made against you from a third ..

Dinghy Insurance Comparison

(December 02, 2010)  Finding the right insurance package can often be a daunting and time consuming task. With so many areas being covered and the wide variety of insurers on the market, it can be difficult to see past all of the industry related jargon to purchase the policy that you need. As with any form of ..

How Much Do Home Insurance Policies Cost?

(November 29, 2010)  When searching for home insurance, it's important to find a provider which offers the right policies for you and your home. It's no good paying for policies which you don't want or need, so it's essential that you make sure to look for a quote which is accurately aligned with your individual ..

Home Insurance for Property Owners

(November 22, 2010)  Recent statistics show that since 1995 there has been a decrease of home burglaries of just under 60%. However, this still leaves 40% of homeowners who are targeted by a would-be criminal. Add to these statistics the 2million plus households within the UK that are at risk of being damaged by floods .

General Public Liability Insurance

(November 18, 2010)  For the construction and building trade in particular, there is always the chance that an unfortunate accident may be just around the corner. For this reason, investing in public liability insurance should be a given as it can provide cover should you be the cause of any injury to a third party or ..

Dinghy Insurance for Leisure Dinghies

(November 17, 2010)  As a dinghy owner, you may feel unfair having to dish out for insurance costs comparable to those for speedboats or motorboats. You're well within your rights to feel this injustice, as the potential risk and dangers associated with these faster boats are much higher. Although such dangers are more .

Touring Caravan Insurance Quotes

(November 16, 2010)  A touring caravan can provide a great retreat for a weekend away or the ideal way to enjoy an affordable winter getaway for those on a budget. An important factor to consider when using your caravan is to ensure that you are fully protected against any eventuality that may occur whilst on your ..

Online Home Insurance Quotes

(November 15, 2010)  As strong and resilient as we may perceive our homes to be, it's easy to forget that in reality, any property is vulnerable to a criminal attack such as burglary or vandalism. On average, 30% of people experience a burglary at least once in their lifetime - a significantly worrying statistic. It is .

Public Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

(November 04, 2010)  Running your own business is a delicate process, which needs thorough and precise planning, preparation and accuracy. Correct and full measures need to be taken at all times to ensure that all key business processes are followed successfully, as the implications could be disastrous should any ..

Static Caravan Insurance- Holiday Homes

(November 01, 2010)  A static caravan can provide you with the ideal weekend retreat to escape from your hectic day to day life and additionally provide an opportunity to create extra income for yourself through renting to holidaymaker’s also looking for a getaway location. One important aspect not to forget is ..

Public Liability Insurance for Self Employed

(October 21, 2010)  As an independent business, within which you are classified as self-employed, it is crucial to carefully consider calculated risks and costs. Although you may have every aspect of your business expenditure and incoming profits reasonably and successfully covered, what if you were to be faced with ..

Static Caravan Insurance Policy

(October 19, 2010)  Static caravans are slightly different to their caravan family counterparts. As a grounded habitat, they allow the user more space and a constant site within the caravan to sit. This expert insurance company believe that it's only fair you pay for the policies you need, based on your specific ..

Public Liability Insurance for Sole Traders

(October 07, 2010)  The simplest way for any of us to own a business is to become a sole trader. Not only does it give us the chance to start working straight away, but it means we’re our own boss and we don’t have to run every change by a board of directors. But as a sole trade, we’re ultimately ..

Shop Insurance Broker

(July 12, 2010)  Shops are often targeted by thieves due to the large quantity of valuable goods that are stored within the premises, from clothing and jewellery to electrical goods. It is essential that retail business owners ensure that they are comprehensively covered, to ensure that they do not have to pay the ..

Finding Yacht Insurance Online

(July 07, 2010)  A yacht offers features that traditional boats cannot, so it is essential that any insurance plan caters for this. An insurance policy that is specific to a yacht will ensure that the owner is covered for almost any eventuality. Specialist providers will take into account key characteristics such ..

What Does Office Insurance Cover?

(June 21, 2010)  When starting up a new business there are so many legal and financial considerations to take in to account. With so many things to pay for in the initial stages, it can be tempting to neglect investing in office insurance. However by remaining appraised of what is actually covered in a policy ..

Marine Yacht Insurance

(June 16, 2010)  In life it’s important to protect the things we love, and your boat is absolutely no different. Marine insurance of all kind is crucial, especially given the rise in popularity of boating in general. However, yacht insurance is arguably the most important form of cover, as yacht owners spend ..

Cheap Online Caravan Insurance Quotes

(June 15, 2010)  Instead of spending large sums of money jetting off to exotic destinations, it is expected that many individuals will choose to remain in the UK for the holidays this year. This is particularly likely amongst families with children, who want to avoid air strikes and travel disruptions. However, ..

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

(June 07, 2010)  Landlord Insurance is not required by law, but given the unstable nature of the economy today, and the blame culture that exists in modern Britain almost all landlords invest in insurance from reliable insurers, often using a broker to find the best deals. One of the main reasons why landlords fail .

Public Liability Insurance Construction

(June 03, 2010)  While modern technological advances have helped, the construction industry is still a notoriously dangerous area in which to work. The various perils are standard; work at height, use of dangerous power tools or machinery, and the instability of buildings under construction can pose threats to ..

Cheap Caravan Insurance

(June 01, 2010)  Everyone knows the importance of insuring their home or car, so it makes sense to insure those other valuable possessions of significant monetary or personal value. Without doubt a caravan falls into this category. Caravan insurance provides broad cover against a whole host of possible happenings, ..

Office Insurance Advice

(May 24, 2010)  Many offices fall victim to crime, due to the number of computers, technical equipment, information and valuable items held within the premises. Whilst many business owners choose to protect their office by installing alarms, CCTV, entry systems and even manned guards – from time to time even .

About Public Liability Insurance

(May 20, 2010)  Most of us are aware of the types of insurance that are available, those that we are legally required to invest in and those that we are advised to purchase for our own peace of mind. Yet, there are some little known policies that really could make a big difference to an individual’s personal .


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