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Possible Impact of a Recession on Book Publishers

(October 04, 2008)  Timeless building is a title of a book you categorize as being part of timeless books. Some of the published books are. Many others are contemporary. The contemporary books you further divide into the need-to-know and nice-to-know market. Book publishing is a business in which potential authors ..

The US Versus Dutch Article Markets - A Cultural Impression

(October 04, 2008)  Article markets over the world show some interesting cultural differences. As many markets, the US article market is one of the largest, if not the largest and best developed. For a good definition of article markets I mean the free article markets and not the professional articles from scientific ..

Will Ezines-Directories Be Hurt by a Recession?

(October 04, 2008)  Companies that are highly dependent on internet and technology have not faced a real recession since the collapse of the internet-bubble in the beginning of this decade. How will ezine-directories be affected by a possible recession? This year will be the first year to understand how internet ..

Profile of a (Book) Composer

(March 24, 2008)  The process of writing a book could be compared with composing. The composition of a song or more complex that of a symphony, for example. The parallel fits not completely because in composing the goal is to use the composition as a guide for distributing musical resources in the orchestra. The ..

Writing is Not Enough To Be Successful - Lulu Wang & The Pur ...

(March 11, 2008)  Writers are a special kind of entrepreneurs in the sense that their work is not easy to separate from who they are. Entrepreneurs need organizing talent so they can motivate others to fulfill activities, they need insight in markets and developments so they can time their approach and normally ..

About Writing a Biography

(March 10, 2008)  The “unauthorized" biography of Steven Spielberg starts like this: The power of the popular American culture is in the straightness of the message, simple and limited in significance and scope . . . Steven inherited that tradition. It is a biography by John Baxter and there is no other ..

Profile of a Book Reviewer

(June 03, 2007)  A book-reviewing process starts with reading the book by the one who will write the review. The review itself is a summary or a specific view of the book written on purpose to be able to sell the book better. If you look on you will experience an enormous number of book reviewers, the ..


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