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Help! Public Speaking Makes Me Look Like A Dumb Idiot

(February 27, 2008)  You look unprofessional, you are sweating, blushing and stammering like a convicted bank robber. This is before you have even taken the long lonely walk to the brightly lit stage upon which you shall speak to the masses. . . If only public speaking was easy. . . we'd all be hooked on the power it ..

Is The Fear of Public Speaking My Fault or Yours?

(February 27, 2008)  Does your fear of public speaking really have anything to do with other people watching or listening to you? You might think it does, but you're a “bit wrong". In fact, the reality of public speaking only exists in your mind and therefore your perception of how other people watching and ..

Public Speaking - You Can Run But You Can't Hide

(February 27, 2008)  If you're stomach turns at the thought of having to stand before the hundreds or thousands of eyes that turn on you as you ruffle your cards and papers like a flailing magician, you might be suffering from the fear of public speaking. So intense is this fear, that people avoid promotions, meetings ..

How One Article Earned Me £119 In Just Three Days

(July 25, 2007)  You've probably heard all of the current hype about articles being a great way to market your business. Well, hype is the wrong word to use; I'd call it an unambiguous reality. Articles provide some great traffic, they show off your knowledge to the world and they ultimately give you the essential ..


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