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La Velle Goodwin 
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Public Speaking - Instructional Books Tapes - DVDs and Big E ...

(May 20, 2007)  In my 18+ years of public speaking, teaching, entertaining, performing and training, I have never met an effective public speaker who attributed his or her talents to a DVD, tape or book he or she might have read. Personally, I have not read or purchased any of those products. The reason is that I ..

Public Speaking - Artfully Projecting Professionalism By Usi ...

(April 21, 2007)  Speakers who read from a sheet of paper, carefully verbalizing each word that is printed there, usually come off as completely unnatural, nervous and inexperienced. Audiences want to feel that there is an exchange between them and the speaker; To know that the speaker is aware of their presence ..

Public Speaking - The Secret To Having a Relaxed and Convers ...

(April 20, 2007)  The most experienced public speakers deliver their message in a way that is characteristic of regular, everyday conversation. It makes their audience feel relaxed, much like they do when chatting with family and friends. Think about what makes conversation with another person comfortable. Their ..

Public Speaking - What Matters More Than What You Say, Is Ho ...

(April 20, 2007)  How we speak, whether we acknowledge it or not, tells others about us. What it tells them might be completely inaccurate, but that is irrelevant because the moment we open our mouths, the judgment is made. This is one reason that some speakers are taken less seriously than others even though their .

Public Speaking - One Key Strategy to Overcome Fear

(April 18, 2007)  Considered to be a more common fear than even the fear of dying, the fear of public speaking can be a real hindrance for people who want to move up the corporate ladder, or start their own business, represent themselves in court, or just say a few words at a loved ones wedding. The causes of this ..


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