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Laura J. Thompson 
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What Exactly is an Author Coach?

(April 10, 2007)  If you own a business or have worked in the corporate world, then you’ve probably worked with a consultant or two. A consultant is someone with extensive knowledge in a particular industry—or an area of an industry—who can help professionals to streamline their goals and become more ..

10 Steps to Finding a Book Publisher

(April 10, 2007)  This is the elusive question to which all writers want to know the answer: How do I find a publisher? Some will say that you have to find an agent or that you must know influential people in the publishing industry, but that really isn't true. What you need are: A marketable manuscript; The desire .

Does Your Novel Have Commercial Appeal?

(March 26, 2007)  Completing a novel is one of the most satisfying events of a person’s life. Your blood, sweat and tears have been combined to create what you feel is the Great American Novel. Friends and family sing its praises and you can’t wait until it’s glossy cover is displayed in bookstores .

How to Get the Most Out of Your Writing Consultant

(March 26, 2007)  A writing consultant is a professional writer who has several years of experience in the writing and publishing industries and who can assist aspiring authors with writing, marketing and promoting their work. Hiring a writing consultant can be more cost-effective than hiring an editor to look over ..

How Much Should You Pay for Manuscript Editing?

(March 26, 2007)  If you were to survey two hundred editors, you would come up with two hundred different quotes for manuscript editing. Unfortunately, the industry standard for editing isn't entirely reliable, and there are hundreds of factors that editors take into consideration when generating a quote. Some ..

Should You Outline Before You Write?

(March 26, 2007)  Some people write best by organization, while others prefer to let the creative juices flow. Outlining has been a long-debated issue in writer's groups and classes nationwide, and individual authors will give very different advice. Unfortunately, there is no right answer when it comes to whether or .

When Clients Don't Pay - Tips For Freelance Writers & Ed ...

(March 26, 2007)  You've just finished a major project and you're counting on the $1,000 payment headed your way. You know that your client is going to love the job you've done, and you can't wait to deposit that check. Weeks go by, however, and nothing arrives in the mail. What can you do when clients don't pay? ..


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