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Who is the Best Article Writer?

(July 05, 2008)  Okay everyone, who is the best article writer and why? The best in the business SHOULD be the person who approaches your keywords as if they are LOTTERY TICKETS! That means that of the hundreds of thousands of your keywords, a far smaller amount of them will be your profitable keywords, and a MUCH ..

Proven Article Writing Youd Like to See YOUR Articles 1 at G ...

(July 03, 2008)  Are you in the market for some proven article writing?If you are, get ready to make a PROS and a CONS list of the people that come up on the Google Adwords results because not everyone writing articles will give you the full package. What's the full package? The best most proven article writing ..

Article Marketing That Works Youre About to See You on the F ...

(July 03, 2008)  Need some article marketing that works? Every web owner does after a while. The fact is that content drives the net, has always driven the net, and will always drive the net. That will not change. And with that being so front and center, a lot of companies sprung up claiming that they were the ..

Find Best Article Marketing Company and You Find a Way to De ...

(July 02, 2008)  When you type in find best article marketing company into the search engines and you wait you 1.67 seconds (if that) for your results, be very aware that you are about to need a very large legal pad and a very patient attitude. The article marketing companies that I see when I enter find best ..

Find the Best Article Marketing Company and Wave Bye Bye to ...

(July 02, 2008)  The instant you find the best article marketing company your traffic can become as busy as the 110 Freeway on a Friday night in July. The reasons why, believe it or not, are many. 1. TRAFFIC FROM BEING FOUND ON THE ENGINES When you have done carefully research and you've found your most ..

Why I Can Get Your Website to the First Page of Google in My ...

(June 24, 2008)  Your website. The first page of Google. For hundreds upon hundreds of keywords. Gulp. Not only can it be done, it is just waiting to be done. And how it gets done is through an amazing amount of hard work. Keyword research finds the hidden gems in any business category. Keywords stay short (two ..

A Flood of Web Traffic From Around the World In About 36 Min ...

(June 24, 2008)  How'd you like to see a flood of web traffic so daunting that it just could burn your hit counter, your server and your mortgage payments? A perfectly crafted long term article marketing campaign that focuses on your longer tail profitable keywords and then uses those keywords perfectly in your ..

Find Best Article Marketing Service Lose Unhappy Outlook on ...

(June 19, 2008)  Cute. Actually is anything BUT cute. Here's why. There are a ton of services out there that will write articles for you. There are even a bunch (not many) that will write articles for you based on the keywords that you give them. There are even fewer article marketing services out there that ..

Best Article Writing Heres Where Your Real Traffic Comes From

(June 19, 2008)  The best article writing service out there is the one that goes far beyond the stringing of words together. The best article writing service is the one that starts with the best keywords. Plain and simple if you are not using your most profitable keywords than the overall effects of the articles ..

Online Copywriting Secrets - No Pushing Allowed

(December 25, 2007)  Cha ching in a very big, big way. Here's the issue. . . while the crafting of words on the net has certainly grown by leaps and bounds over the past three to five years, there are still many out there who cannot move away from the sales language when trying to make the sale. Sounds crazy. . . but .

Gotta Say - I Just Love To Work Home Online

(January 07, 2007)  I have to admit. I love to work home online. I love everything about it. And not just the obvious reasons either. Not just the commuting issues, or the listening the boss who should have been listening to me stuff. The competition here on the net is HIGHLY addictive. Show of hands, who else logs ..

Who Else Wants To Earn Money With Website Traffic Strategies

(January 07, 2007)  Looking to earn money with website traffic strategies that actually deliver? Of course you are. And like many others before you have at your disposal, an awful lot of people and companies clamoring to send you that traffic. But the question you need to ask yourself is WHAT HAPPENS TO THAT TRAFFIC ..

This Is Easily A Computer Work Home Run

(January 07, 2007)  Want a computer work home run? How about a grand slam? Of all the ways there are to make money with your computer, nothing touches the long term benefits of article writing. Nothing. Article writing done at home, obviously on the home computer, will enable you not only to scratch your writing ..

Who Among Us Isn't Looking For One Of The Best Paid Careers

(January 03, 2007)  With the average household income somewhere in the $43K range, copywriting is surely one of the best paid careers. Not to mention an absolute blast day after day. When you consider the fact that junior copywriters can come straight out of college (preferred) or advertising school (who even knew ..

How Can I Make Money Writing And Call It Work

(January 03, 2007)  Honestly, how can I make money writing and call it ‘work?’ It doesn't feel like it. Yes, it takes time, but in no way am I paving roads during the middle of a heat wave here. I'm typing. (Key by key. ) If you're of like mind and you've ever asked yourself “how can I make money ..

Anybody Seen A Decent Home Computer Business Idea Anywhere

(January 03, 2007)  Looking for a home computer business idea and you've run aground on your search? Fear not, help is here. And article writing is the key, your key to finding REAL work with your own computer from your own home. Let's start at the very beginning. You DO NOT have to be a great writer to write ..

Suddenly There's A New Set Of Internet Advertising Opportuni ...

(January 02, 2007)  New Year. New set of internet advertising opportunities. As more and more people start to discover the raw power of writing articles and article marketing, brand new possibilities for finding more and more natural ways to market on the internet are becoming evident every day. And a lot of people ..

Here's A Few Work At Home Jobs For Mom

(January 02, 2007)  Work at home jobs for mom. Can you even imagine how hard these women work? Not only do they raise the children, the future of our planet, they also work. My most sincere admiration doesn't even come close to what you wonderful women put on your plate and theirs. I mean that from my heart. In ..

Searching For A Career in Creative Writing?

(January 02, 2007)  So, the thought of a career in creative writing has popped up, has it? Well I consider myself reasonably able to handle this one, so let's get right to it. A career in creative writing is everything you may have heard that it is. . . and a lot more. The quick background on me is this. I published ..

Need Some Creative Ways To Make Extra Money?

(January 02, 2007)  Writing articles and using article marketing is one of the most creative ways to make money I have run across. . . FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A WRITER. Writing articles allows the freedom of creativity as well as presents the opportunity to make extra money. How? By figuring out which niche you ..

Want An Extra Income Opportunity?

(January 01, 2007)  Before you rush to tell me that I misspelled a word up there, I already know about it. Fact is I asked my thirteen year old to write down “earn extra income opportunitie" down and this is how he spelled it. So we'll leave it for Christopher. As simply and as hopefully as I can say it, ..


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