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Photo Canvas for Small Bedrooms

(May 27, 2014)  The lovely room in any house, which every one of us would like to spend time in, would be the bedroom, whether it is small, big, spacious or cramped. Though it is small or cramped, these areas can be made to look fabulous by hanging a few photo canvas prints and other artwork on canvas. Though ..

Personalised Canvas Printing Ideas for Different Occasions!

(May 19, 2014)  People would have never thought that such exceptional things would come up and technology would improve so much. Technology has improved so much and personalised canvas printing has become easier. Today, converting an old photograph, a painting you love or a famous quote into a canvas print is much .

Pros and Cons of Photo on Canvas

(April 04, 2014)  A photo canvas print is also known as ‘a stretched canvas print’. This is usually done by printing a selected photo onto a woven canvas and it can also be a personalised photograph or a picture or artwork of one’s choice. The printed canvas is then stretched onto a wooden frame ..

How to Choose an Article Writer by Evaluating Websites

(July 30, 2012)  Contrary to popular belief, good writing doesn’t come easily, and not everyone can do it. Since quality writing can make a difference to a company’s sales, many companies wisely choose to hire an article writer to provide content. Once a company decides to outsource its writing, the ..

Prepare a Great Speech - Refer to Maid of Honor Speech Examp ...

(February 13, 2010)  Even a simple thought of public speaking can make you have butterflies in stomach. In case, this time you have been selected as maid of honor in your sister’s wedding, you have enough reasons to be afraid! But can you escape it? If not, then it is better to start preparing yourself well ..

Make a Memorable Funeral – Take the Help of Eulogy Sample Kit

(February 06, 2010)  What can be more painful than losing someone you love? But then, death does not stop the flow of lives of others and funeral brings certain unavoidable formalities that have to be done properly. One of such formalities is delivering eulogy speech in the memory of the deceased. Remember, a great ..

Maid of Honor Speeches – Learn the Ways of Writing a Great ...

(February 05, 2010)  Place of maid of honor has always been considered as relevant. Therefore, the position of maid of honor is always assigned to sister, cousin, or to close friends. Becoming a maid of honor and delivering maid of honor speech is of tremendous honor. The maid of honor shares loads of duties during ..

Ease Your Task of Maid of Honor Speech – Buy Online Sample ...

(February 03, 2010)  Is this the first time you have been selected as a maid of honor for your best friend’s marriage? Place of maid of honor has always been considered as relevant. Position of maid of honor generally is attributed to sister, cousin, or to bosom friends. Becoming a maid of honor and delivering ..


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