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How to Make a Thesis

(May 15, 2013)  Less Painful and More Satisfying First, a dissertation is supposed to demonstrate that you can take a project and bring it to a genuine conclusion – very different from the usual undergraduate term paper that is not revised after the teacher sees it and that is usually done during the last ..

Easy Article Writing: Write a New Article within 20 Minutes

(October 04, 2011)  Writing articles is very easy. It can be fast too. Now, I’m not talking about writing junk. We’ve all seen junk articles on the article directories, and these are worse than useless for any site. As the Web becomes more competitive, you must write quality articles. Let’s look at ..

Article Writing Hotshot – Write and Sell Using Articles

(October 04, 2011)  Content marketing using articles is a perfect way to sell online. You provide the information your audience is searching for, and in return you get the chance to advertise to them. In this article we’ll look at three simple steps which will help you to write and sell, using articles. Article .

Writing Articles for Money – Write Fast, Write Well and Sell

(October 04, 2011)  The web has a huge appetite for content. This means that thousands of people are making money writing articles from home. Some are scratching a living, but others are making a great income. This is a viable business if you can write quality articles, and can write them quickly. I’ve been ..

Writing Articles: How to Get Paid to Write Articles Today

(October 04, 2011)  Want to get paid to write articles? There are many ways in which you can do this. In this article I’ll share a unique and extremely powerful method with you, which will ensure that you get a great price for your articles. I’ve been writing articles for many years, and I spend a large ..

Article Writing: 3 Easy Tips to Help You to Write Effective ...

(October 04, 2011)  If you hate writing articles, relax. It’s a skill you develop with practice, so if you keep writing, eventually you’ll enjoy it. Let’s look at three easy tips to improve your skills. These tips are my favorites. I’ve been writing content for promotional purposes for over a ..

The Benefits of Writing Articles for the Examiner

(September 27, 2011)  Getting an article published under your byline in The Value Examiner can help you build a reputation as an eminent authority in your area of expertise. As an author in the Examiner you would also enjoy the following benefits: • Increase your visibility among 6,500 subscribers and 13,000 ..

How to Write a Newspaper Article

(September 27, 2011)  The first thing prospective reporters must know is that newspaper articles are written differently depending on their format, or purpose. Newspaper articles can be divided into one of three categories: news articles, feature stories, and columns. How to Write a News Article: Pure news articles are .

Tips on Writing a Scientific Article

(September 27, 2011)  Writing a scientific article is never easy - even for the most experienced. It is time-consuming and, almost without exception, hard work. Nevertheless, it should be an enjoyable challenge. Only when published can one's thoughts and ideas, findings, conclusions and suggestions reach other surgeons ..

How to Write a Review Article

(September 27, 2011)  The process of academic writing should not be molded from technical clichés or reduced to a list of tips and tricks in targeting an easy publication. This brief contribution does not impose some strict rules on the scholarly publications but rather assists the prospective authors in ..

Building your Income - Sell PLR Articles and Article Marketing

(September 27, 2011)  This is potentially a very lucrative way of leveraging more money for your work. PLR stands for Private Label Rights and the way to make it pay is to find some niche market which has a reasonably high number of searches and limited competition. Write a pack of articles about one of these niches and .

Building Your Income into SEO and PPC

(September 23, 2011)  Ok, so we are now starting to build our business, so let’s take a look at some other techniques to increase the sales funnel and get more orders. Let’s start with Search Engine Marketing, which is primarily search engine optimization and Pay Per Click advertising. Consider starting a ..

Finding out what to write about (easily and quickly)

(September 23, 2011)  If your first language is not English then I would simply recommend that you learn as much about the language as possible. How you do this is up to you but later I will also show you how you can assess your ability without cost and with great accuracy. Assuming your first language is English then ..

The Importance of Titles in Article Writing

(September 23, 2011)  Why are titles so important when writing articles for online marketing? Surely a single line of a few words can't make a whole heap of difference to a search engine? If the article is packed full of the right stuff, then isn't a title just a little bit like the envelope a letter comes in? Something .

Article Marketing - in a Bird’s Eye View

(September 23, 2011)  In our journey through this book we have explored that article marketing is one of the most efficient, effective and least expensive ways to drive targeted leads to your website, optimize your search engine rankings and increase credibility and profitability of your business. With the increased use .

Difference between Article Marketing and Article Writing

(September 23, 2011)  One common mistake that people might do is to confuse traditional article writing with article marketing. Writing and publishing articles in magazines, journals, newspapers or to various other sites is completely different from article marketing. Article marketing is basically a marketing tool ..

Buy Articles - Do’s and Don’ts of Article Marketing

(September 23, 2011)  Article Marketing has tremendous power for the promotion of any online business, but unfortunately few marketers fail to attain its full potential by doing some common mistakes. Here are some do’s and don’ts of article marketing which will certainly help marketers to ensure employing ..

Business Promotional Strategies through Article Marketing

(September 20, 2011)  Article marketing has become one of the most preferred marketing strategies among business owners. It is the most efficient, extensive and cost effective tool to develop huge number of leads, create brand awareness, promote sales and increase company’s profitability. Popular and vibrant ..

Benefits of Article Marketing

(September 20, 2011)  Since the advent of internet, article marketing has become one of the best forms of marketing and reaching to millions of prospects and boosting your search engine rankings. Not only that it has several other advantages, a few of them are listed below: It Requires Lowest Investment Article ..

Where to buy articles - Buying Cheap Articles

(September 20, 2011)  Content can be used in a way to market and promote your website or services online. Either through blogging, guest writing, mailing lists or by simply spreading the articles via social media. There are a multitude of reasons why one should want to buy unique content for online purposes: You lack ..

Buy Article Rewrites Online

(September 20, 2011)  There is so much crap text all over the Internet these days and a lot of it is because of article rewrites. Buyers of Internet articles seem to be driven by two things. Firstly it is the price per word of the writing and secondly the emphasis of ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO) over ..

Tips to Boost SEO Ranking

(September 16, 2011)  SEO optimization is the key goal of every online marketer. The reason behind is in the extremely competitive online industry today, high online viewership is critical to success. Let’s have a complete insight on SEO optimization and tips to boost SEO rankings. SEO Ranking and Its ..

Buy Articles: Effective Strategies to Help Website Owners Bu ...

(September 16, 2011)  Search Engine Optimization, or commonly referred as SEO is a basic internet marketing strategy that caught the attention of the majority of website owners. In order to help their site get indexed and recognized by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, they need to build back links ..

Convert Traffic to Sales - Buy Articles

(September 15, 2011)  When it comes to managing an online business, the website owner aims to do everything to promote his website and find other ways on how he can keep visitors coming. This can be one of the reasons why most experienced internet marketers choose to buy articles from skilled writing service providers. ..

3 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy Articles Online

(September 15, 2011)  A lot of people are looking for the best ways to find content at a reasonable rate, but why? There are a range of reasons why you should look to buy articles online, and this article will explain exactly why! #1 Content for Your Website Articles make great content for website. A 500-750 word piece ..


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