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Women's Safety Tips - January is National Personal Self-Defe ...

(January 08, 2009)  The term “self-defense" is anything but warm and fuzzy though vital to know something about, even if it's only a little something. Amazingly enough, just knowing a little something can literally save your life or that of a loved one. This topic is extremely important for women because we tend .

Women's Safety Tips - Holiday Safety Secrets

(December 07, 2008)  Whether we are traveling to visit family members, purchasing gifts we can't afford, attending parties out of obligation or wishing we had loved ones to enjoy the holidays with; holidays represent an emotionally charged time of year for everyone. We know that the traditional view of family members ..

Women's Safety Tips - How to Repel Instead of Attract Attack ...

(November 01, 2008)  Most women are less than eager to get trained in self-defense but we all need some tips on simple ways to avoid becoming a victim and repel instead of attract attackers. Fortunately, sometimes the simplest things work the best. Attackers prefer victims go quietly so no one notices what is going on .

Women's Safety Tips - Economy Downturn Equals Crime Increase ...

(October 23, 2008)  A challenging economy has many ramifications and one is a drastic increase in crime - often against women. Ordinary people do extraordinary things to feed their families, keep their homes, medical benefits and lifestyle. The frantic mode much of the country is in right now, incessantly perpetuated .

Women's Safety Tip - What Are Your Child's Gut Feelings Tell ...

(September 21, 2008)  There is a valid reason why a child is often a better judge of character than their parent or any adult for that matter. Gut feelings are survival instincts we were born with and their job is to keep us alive. A child's gut feelings are raw as they have yet to be taught to gloss over them with ..

Women's Safety Tip - Real Life Story - Do You Have a Teen Wi ...

(September 18, 2008)  Parents of teens have the important job of helping their teen take on and grow into responsibility. If you have a teen, you also want to be aware of the amount of responsibility your teen is given at work. Just like anyone else, a teen may be more or less capable of handling situations than someone .

Women's Safety Tip - Real Life Story - The Anatomy of a Bully

(September 10, 2008)  We all know a person who tries to control others, forces their opinions on everyone and gets their way because people are afraid to stand up to them for fear of getting on their bad side. But do we realize how destructive this bullying behavior really is to those involved or what makes a bully in ..

Women's Safety Tip - Real Life Story - Who is Responsible Fo ...

(August 31, 2008)  As women, we often hand over the responsibility of our own personal safety to others; our significant other, the big dog we're walking, the police, our employer or our friends; who we let talk us into things we have a bad gut feeling about. The myth that someone else is going to save you should be .

Women's Safety Tips - True Story - Creep Or Gentleman - Impo ...

(August 07, 2008)  Although there are plenty of awesome, gentlemen around, sometimes we meet one that gives us the creeps. We may even think there is something wrong with us because he keeps telling us he's a gentleman. I've encountered this situation more than a few times and I'm guessing you have to. So let me ..

Women's Safety Tips - Dating Nightmares & Gut Feelings - Saf ...

(August 03, 2008)  Dating nightmares and other weird or dangerous situations can be prevented by trusting survival instincts you were born with, your gut feelings. Many women go down Dating Nightmare Boulevard because instead of picking someone to date, they just date whoever picks them. I ignored bad gut feelings ..

Women's Safety Tips - Dating Nightmares & Self-Esteem - Safe ...

(August 03, 2008)  Dating nightmares are seen as part of dating game but how many of us are aware of their lasting affect on our self-esteem? Avoiding pregnancy, disease, stalkers, and physical abuse are obvious goals in dating but we also must protect our self-esteem. How many times have we dated someone not because .

Women's Safety Tips - What's in Your Wallet?

(July 10, 2008)  Fellow women, ask yourself, “What is in my wallet?" knowing that several crimes can take place from just one stolen wallet. Of course you probably have a drivers license and credit card(s), cash, etc. But do you actually know what you would lose if your wallet was stolen this minute? Wallet ..

Women's Safety Tips - Repel Or Attract Attackers, the Choice ...

(July 10, 2008)  Confident men, colleagues and friends are attracted to women with confidence and attackers are repelled by them. Confidence, hmmm, seems simple enough but is it? Self-image is what we think of ourselves. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves and self-confidence is how we act. Can confidence ..

Womens Safety Tips 3 Common Mistakes Women Make About Person ...

(July 10, 2008)  Women are often targeted by attackers because we make a few common mistakes about personal safety that present us as easy crime victim prospects. We tend to be accommodating, to a fault We ignore our gut feelings Automatic trust is common with women A few things to remember as we get into more ..

Women's Personal Safety Secrets - Self-Esteem Plays a Huge R ...

(June 12, 2008)  As Women , We Like As women, we like to help others. We like to be liked. We like to be successful. We like to feel empowered and that we make a difference in the world. We are perfectly capable of raising a family, having a career and making our own decisions. However, few of us realize how much ..

Women's Safety Tips - Purse Size Matters in Personal Safety ...

(June 08, 2008)  Hand bags are such a fashion statement and we, as women, always have plenty to fill even the largest of bags. But as we carry our fashion statements and line up for sales on the bag we fell in love with, we need to be conscious of the statement we are making to those more interested in snatching ..

Women's Safety Tips - Vehicle Maintenance Safety Tips For Women

(June 08, 2008)  Many women as well as a surprising number of men do not know the basics of vehicle maintenance therefore fear being taken advantage of when they have a vehicle problem. The reason I stated “a surprising number of men" is because we tend to think men know about vehicles just based on gender. ..

Women's Personal Safety Secrets - Trust Your Gut Feelings - ...

(June 08, 2008)  Women are familiar with intuition. We often just know things without any background support information. Sometimes we visualize an outcome, sometimes we hear what seems to be a silent answer to a question, sometimes we physically feel the correct thing to do and sometimes we just know without ..

Women's Personal Safety Secrets - Personal Boundaries, the # ...

(June 07, 2008)  Although everyone needs personal boundaries, women are the caretakers of the world and ironically, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to a point of being drained until we can no longer take care of anyone, including us. We must care for ourselves first in order to be there for others, right? Great .


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