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Thunder Bay Bed and Breakfast - Could it Be the Best Kept Tr ...

(August 26, 2008)  Are you completely burned out from work, family, everyday stresses of life? Are you so wired you can't sleep at night because of all of your anxieties? Well, instead of taking another type-A vacation where you see 10 cities in 10 days tours and you come back home more exhausted than when you left ..

What's the Most Effective Way to Deal With Jetlag?

(August 12, 2008)  When you travel by plane, it can prove quite exhausting. Any disruption in your schedule can cause you to feel a little overwhelmed, and you may have trouble sleeping while you are away. But the best method in dealing with jetlag is adequate preparation. Take the appropriate steps to ensure that ..

Take a Slow Boat - Jet Lag Got Its Name For a Reason

(August 12, 2008)  If you fly the friendly skies quite often, we do not have to tell you that it can take quite a toll on your body. Not only that, but it will cause you to begin taking naps, and will severely impact your natural sleep cycle. Avoid suffering from acute insomnia by taking the necessary steps to ..

Is Sleep Mist the Perfect Traveling Companion?

(August 12, 2008)  As you close your suitcase on your jackets, undergarments, shampoo and toothbrush, you realize that you have forgotten the most important item: your sleeping mist. Of all the things that you pack, this will surely bring you the greatest amount of joy and relaxation. Whether you are traveling for ..

4 Reasons You Won't Lose Any More Sleep Over Jetlag

(August 12, 2008)  For all of you insomniacs out there, taking a long trip by plane may sometimes feel like a nightmare. But fly the great blue skies without a care in the world, while snuggling up to a whole new world of dreams. Here are some ways to kick jetlag to the curb: Spritz Your ‘Blankie’ With ..

Travel a Lot For Business? Don't Forget a Travel Pillow!

(August 10, 2008)  Business travelers that are on the road a lot should always carry their own travel pillow. A good travel pillow can serve many purposes. It can be a pillow, a neck pillow, a back pillow, something to keep the light out of your eyes, and much more. It's also a good idea to have your own travel ..

Jet Lag What is the Most Prominent Problem?

(July 31, 2008)  Whether you travel on business or vacation, it is likely that you experience jet lag. This is a common problem for most people who travel by airline. While the more frequently you travel the more you will be bothered by jet lag, it can happen even if you travel infrequently. The most prominent ..

Jet Lag Symptoms Your Strength and Vigor May Be at State

(July 31, 2008)  When your airline travel involves traveling across time zones, it can result in jet lag. Jet lag is even more pronounced when you are in the position of needing to quickly adjust to the different time zone of your destination. This in turn can create a wide range of jet lag symptoms which can make ..

Definition of Jet Lag Who Suffers the Most From It?

(July 22, 2008)  This article will give both the definition of jet lag and what it really is. Many people will talk about being jet lagged but not realize how much of an impact it can have on you. After looking at that, the article will look at what this does to your body along with a quick way to work on ..

Jet Lagged What is it Doing to Your Body?

(July 22, 2008)  When you travel across many different time zones, you often will leave the airport and feel the effect of being jet lagged for several days. How does this impact you and what are some of the symptoms of being jet lagged? Together, we will look at both of these questions in some detail so you can ..

5 Travel Sleeping Tips

(July 22, 2008)  Sleeping when you're traveling can be hard even for people that normally don't have trouble sleeping. When you're traveling and you're in unfamiliar surroundings and your normal routine is off it can be hard to get the rest that you need. Here are 5 easy travel sleeping tips that can help you ..


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