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Top 3 Asia Cheapest Flights

(October 05, 2008)  Flights to Asia are no longer cheap as anyone who has priced airfares recently can attest. Too start off we should get an idea of the differences in the prices in the last 7 years. The Asia cheap flights went from close to $500 Bangkok LA or Bangkok San Francisco to over $1000 today; at this rate ..

Cheap Hotels in Asia, Problems to Expect and Avoid!

(July 17, 2008)  For cheap hotels in Asia it seems to be a standard practice that they will take you to the worst room they have first. This is not as dumb as it may sound as when the day gets longer if someone has taken the bad rooms, and then the hotels have a better chance of renting the good rooms at the last ..

No Hotel Reservations For Beijing Olympics?

(July 17, 2008)  It is a real good bet that many people are going to go to the Beijing Olympics and they are not going to have their hotel reservations set up in advance, and are going to try and wing it. I think that it is an equally good bet that people that thought that they had reservations are going to find ..

Dive Asia, Budget Travel in Asia!

(July 08, 2008)  Asia has some of the best scuba diving period. A very strong statement but easy enough to prove from the walls of Sipadan, to the wrecks of the Philippines, to the outstanding muck diving of Indonesia, to the “mola mola" dives in Bali, Asia diving is always well represented in the 10 ten best .

Budget Travel Try Thailand Trains For Cheap Asia Travel

(July 07, 2008)  I love Thailand trains and they give you a retro experience and they are more interactive than a plane as you can walk around do things like take a shower or go to the restaurant car. I know of only one plane where it is possible to take a shower and that is going to cost you a few bucks for the ..

De Tour of Detours in Malaysia! Bangkok to Bali Overland

(June 30, 2008)  The original plan was to take the train from Bangkok all the way to Singapore and then on to Bali which you can do with two connections one in Butterworth in the top third of Malaysia and the 2nd connection at Kuala Lumpur. In theory it works fine in practice after being on the road for a couple of .

Bangkok to Bali on the South Bound Train

(June 28, 2008)  Being experienced on the Bangkok to Malaysia Train heading to the Penang side, seemed mellower compared to the Perhentian islands side. The train was scheduled to leave Bangkok in the early afternoon and it is a good idea to be there on time, as my experience with Thai trains is that they run on ..

Cambodia Buses - A New Asia Scenic Attraction?

(April 26, 2008)  When the first of the bohemians first started rediscovering the Cambodian kingdom after the Vietnam war, using the term roads was merely an easy way for saying improved tracks of endless quagmire; axel snapping, oil pan crushing quagmire, at that A soon to be announced major scenic attraction ..

Fire Station, 3 Tables And Sharks Cove Some Of The Best Scub ...

(June 23, 2007)  There is a very short section of road up near Haleiwa that has some very unique shore scuba diving 3 unique scuba diving spots Sharks cove, Fire station and 3 tables are one right after the on the North shore of Oahu Hawaii by the sunset beach Food Land grocery store. This area is better known as a .

Cambodia Cheap Travel "Motodops" Buses Taxis and C ...

(February 07, 2007)  In the last few years travel in Cambodia has become much less arduous than in years gone by with the continual improvement of the roads Buses taxis and “Motodops" (shortened to moto’s) are running at faster speeds and they are not the body shaking, teeth rattling odysseys anymore for ..


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