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Making Most of a Tiger Safari in India

(August 24, 2018)  Exciting and fun that is what the tiger safaris in the reserves come out to be. This is the vacation many people in India and overseas visitors yearn for. Those interested in wildlife photography and birds are keener on taking this kind of vacation. But there are many lazy one’s who come to ..

Tadoba Reserve Popularity for Good

(July 12, 2018)  Well known for its tigers, Tadoba the tribal hinterland is experiencing surge in tourism. The destination has peaked and surpassed all other reserves in tiger tourism. People come from far and wide even overseas visitors are plentiful. An erstwhile hunting reserve the presence of tigers has always .

Golden Triangle Window to Amazing Sights

(June 29, 2018)  One of the most popular touring circuits, Golden Triangle offers the best sighting of ancient monuments and wildlife. The tour begins at New Delhi the Capital city of India. To those not aware of this city can be termed as window to India. It is full of ancient monuments dating back to Mahabharata ..

Tiger Safari at Ranthambhore National Park

(June 21, 2018)  Situated in the Golden Triangle corridor the park is very popular in the circuit. The popularity has arrived not due to proximity to major sightseeing destinations like Jaipur and Agra but due to the tiger. Yes Ranthambhore is a tiger heaven and besides it there many other mammals. At this tiger ..

Taking Tiger Safari at Tadoba National Park

(June 20, 2018)  Situated in the deep confines of Maharashtra State in India Tadoba is a tiger heaven. Easily accessible though from Nagpur Airport via Chandrapur it is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Nagpur is accessible from Mumabi & New Delhi both. It is not for sightseeing it is for taking a ..

Searching For Tiger in the Wild

(June 19, 2018)  Who does not wish to see the tiger? It is an animal that is in the reckoning of all those fond of wildlife. Tiger lives in the minds of those who have read or come to know about the beast. Even young children read about it. Hence those planning to travel to India wish to see the big majestic cat. .

Searching For Accommodation in Bandhavgarh

(May 09, 2018)  Bandhavgarh is a tiger reserve situated in the Vindhyan Hills in Central India. It is one of the finest tiger heavens hence large number of local and global tourists visit the little paradise every year. Placed in a remote location advance planning is required for a tiger safari in order to see the .

Jabalpur City An Ancient Land

(January 23, 2017)  The origin of the name is under much conjecture. An ancient Hindu sage preached here at the banks of River Narmada. His name was Jabali Rishi and hence the town was named as Jabalpur. For centuries the destination was ruled by the Gond Kings of tribal descent. The Kulchuri dynasty ruled Jabalpur, ..

Raipur in Chhattisgarh Tourist Destinations

(January 23, 2017)  Albeit an erstwhile part of Madhya Pradesh, Raipur is now a bustling capital of Chhattisgarh State. Carved out of MP the state is a scenic paradise teeming with forests, natural places and quaint hamlets. Not very far from its sister city Bilaspur the capital along with Bhilai forms a network of ..

Accommodation in Ranthambore National Park

(January 09, 2017)  Ranthambore National Park is not something that can be experienced and enjoyed within a day or even a couple of days. You will need to stay there for a longer time, especially if you desire to return home with marvellous memories that can be passed on from generation to generation! Affordable ..

Birding in Remote Forests of Eastern Himalayas

(December 31, 2016)  Birding in India is like experiencing a paradise. And if the destinations are in Eastern Himalayas then nothing like. The country is home to thirteen percent of species containing more than two thousand avian along with sub species. Eastern Himalayas lie in the remote corner with most popular ..

Ranthambhore a Vacation to Remember

(December 29, 2016)  Your family vacations are generally spent in places, which are highly popular amongst the general populace. True, these places are gloriously beautiful, offering many attractions that permit you to store wonderful memories for the future. However, do you have to do the same thing year after year? ..

Birding Prospects in Western India

(December 22, 2016)  Western India chiefly Gujarat is a diverse region with varied ecosystems. It has affinity with the Ethiopian Zoo Geographical region hence exhibits avifauna that is unique. Not a popular tourism destination some years ago the paradigm is changing. Paradoxically an industrial state little weight age .

Best Options for Tiger Safari in India

(December 22, 2016)  India is the land of the tiger. More than two thousand wild tigers survive here; this is the largest population in the World. In order to protect and conserve this animal the country has initiated a program called Project Tiger. This is a Central Government initiative which has created a large ..

Jabalpur Rising Business Hub in India

(December 20, 2016)  A bustling town of two million Jabalpur was popular cantonment of the British during the Raj. Numerous architectural tell tales abound in the picturesque city. Named after famous Jabali Rishi the agglomeration is modern with the entire infrastructure in place. Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh has ..

Raipur Bustling Capital of Chhattisgarh

(December 20, 2016)  Once a part of Central India the State of Chhattisgarh was carved out. Madhya Pradesh also known as Central India was dissected by one fourth to create the State of Chhattisgarh. Raipur a once sleepy town suddenly came to life as the Capital City. The State is rich in mineral wealth, steel and ..

Right Management for a Star Hotel

(December 04, 2016)  The hospitality business is service oriented where quality is supreme. Quality is all comprehensive whence hospitality is concerned. A reputed concern and its management should have a holistic perspective whence shaping strategies of this all pervasive business. All the star properties cater to ..

Excursions at Bandhavgarh: Tigers & Accommodations

(September 28, 2016)  Bandhavgarh National Park Central India Wildlife adventures are most sought after all over the World. Watching the predators, herbivores and beautiful birds has become a prime recreation. The most visited countries are Africa, India and the countries of South America. Tourists also flock to many ..

The Booking Engines: Changing Paradigm

(September 27, 2016)  With every shift created by revolutionary Internet associated paradigm experience a massive change. Firts came the phenomenon of online websites that offered easy access to products, services and the business itself. The social media platforms the next big entrants succeeded in creating a highly ..

Choosing Star Hotels in Jabalpur

(September 20, 2016)  Jabalpur is a large Indian city with population of more than 2 million. It is highly urbanized and modern with sound infrastructure. Earlier during the Raj it was the favorite of the British. A number of historical buildings built during the Raj stand testimony to the fact. Jabalpur is right in the .

Transportation in Jabalpur and Near By Towns

(August 17, 2016)  Transportation in Jabalpur and Near By Towns Jabalpur is a densely populated city in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India. The population is almost two million, mostly in the urban area. But there are substantial numbers of villages in an around. The town is located in the center of India and is ..

Budget Travel To Kanha National Park in India

(August 17, 2016)  Kanha National Park is home to the rare and endangered tiger in India. Situated in Madhya Pradesh in Mandla District the park is three hours drive from Jabalpur Airport. More than hundred tigers survive here. The tiger reserves is also home to many mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. The park is ..

Making Most Of Your Stay in Kanha National Park

(August 16, 2016)  The magical home of the tigers, Kanha National Park is a biodiversity hub. It is most popular tourist destination in India. A tiger reserve it is home to more than hundred tigers and as many leopards. The most charming and attractive big cats survives and breed here thanks to active conservation. ..

India Travel What to Expect?

(August 11, 2016)  Though some International tourists travel in India independently many prefer package tours. Most of those traveling in groups are usually first timers with not much time and resource for bookings. I always suggest first timers to travel this way. Package tours are organized and conducted by the ..

Birding in Chambal River : Wildlife Sanctuary

(August 06, 2016)  Birding North India The five thousand plus sq. km river stretches across three states before submerging at Prachnanada in Uttar Pradesh. The origin of the river is in Madhya Pradesh at Mhow Township near Indore City. The river intersects Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The sanctuary ..


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