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From Relaxation To Entertainment - Downtown Kemer

(January 09, 2012)  Kemer is one of Turkey’s premier beach destinations. Located along the Lycian coastline, overlooking the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, the city centre of Kemer is bursting at the seams with intriguing attractions, friendly locals, and enthralling activities. The hotels in Kemer City Centre ..

Jerusalem Historic and Spiritual Attractions

(January 09, 2012)  The holy city of Jerusalem has been a pilgrimage centre since long before the crusades of the medieval era, although tourism unconnected with spirituality only developed during the second half of the last century. A small walled city of only a kilometre squared until the early 19th century, the ..

A Guide to Downtown Cardiff’s Shopping and Eating

(January 09, 2012)  Once upon a time, Cardiff was not the beautiful city visitors see today. It began to significantly grow into a major United Kingdom settlement with the spreading of industrialism. However, today’s Cardiff is much different, and one could dare say much better, that the old city. Visitors from ..

Visitor Attractions in Amman City

(January 09, 2012)  Jordan’s capital city and commercial, cultural and political centre is Amman, a city with an ancient heart and still-expanding modern districts radiating out from its centre. A large and prosperous settlement on the vital trade routes between North Africa and the Mediterranean empires for ..

The Total Tourist - Downtown Activities in Tel Aviv

(January 09, 2012)  Located along the western coastline of Israel, the large city of Tel Aviv is full of wonder and excitement unseen throughout many of the cities in the Middle East. It is only smaller than Jerusalem in population, but certainly makes up for it with its spectacular festive culture. The main airport ..

Things To See and Do In Marmaris

(January 09, 2012)  The popular Turkish package holiday resort of Marmaris has been a favourite holiday destination for visitors from colder climes since the 1980’s. Formerly a small fishing village, the town now draws 200,000 tourists during the summer high season and a high number during the shoulder seasons ..

What To Do In Birmingham’s CBD

(December 27, 2011)  Even though the city of Birmingham has historically been an industrial city, and not renowned for its beauty or attractiveness, recent transformations have seen the downtown area in particular become quite appealing. The city centre is located about 12kms from the Birmingham International Airport. .

Top Eight To Experience Zermatt’s Central Activities

(December 09, 2011)  Boasting the beautiful Matterhorn right by its side, the city of Zermatt is as breathtaking as the peak of its towering neighbour. This would have to be one of Switzerland’s most outstanding small settlements. Beginning as a small station for mountaineers, Zermatt quickly grew into a tourism ..

Turin Rrelaxing Shopping and Dining

(December 09, 2011)  Visitors to the magnificent Italian baroque and renaissance city of Turin are likely to spend a great deal of time and shoe leather wandering around the spectacular palaces, grand mansions, glorious churches, cathedral and basilica as well as exploring the city’s many museums. For those in ..

Best Places to Shop in Spain’s Seville

(December 09, 2011)  Tourists who travel to Spain regularly cite the hot weather and beautiful beaches among their main reasons for holidaying in Spain, though shopping for souvenirs and gifts often rates highly on many people’s to do lists too. The shops in Seville have something to offer everyone, and they are .

Fun-filled Activities in Central Rotterdam

(December 09, 2011)  Rotterdam, which is found in the South-Holland province of the Netherlands, is an outstanding tourist city renowned for its cultural splendor, friendly citizens and phenomenal architecture. Millions of tourists come to the city each year, especially to the downtown area of Rotterdam. This is why a ..

What To See in Downtown Perth

(December 09, 2011)  Scotland is beautiful from the inside and the outside. It boasts tremendous cities like Glasgow, and smaller marvels, like the central town of Perth. However, these two are much different. Nevertheless, Perth is a fun little city, and tourists will not be disappointed with their ..

Entertainment and Relaxation in Downtown Oslo

(December 09, 2011)  Even though the city of Oslo is one of the world’s most northern capital cities, this Norwegian settlement receives plenty of sunshine and warmth during the summer months, making it perfect for travellers to visit during this time. Oslo is an amazing city, especially when it comes to history ..

Never-Ending Naples Central Highlights

(December 09, 2011)  Millions of travellers find their way to the city of Naples each year. It is a magnificent town that boasts a phenomenal range of sites and activities to keep just about every type of traveller entertained. A Naples city centre hotel can be found online quickly and easily, so tourists should book a .

Some of Milan’s Top Attractions

(December 09, 2011)  As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Milan has some of the best historical sites and artistic ambiance in all of Europe. If this is your first trip to Italy, you may be wondering what makes Milan different from other popular tourist locations in Europe. Aside from the delicious food .

Things To See And Do In Bucharest

(December 08, 2011)  In spite of the lost years, demolished heritage and fight for freedom which characterise the post-WWII history of Romania’s capital Bucharest, the once Soviet Union country and its major city are now enjoying a revival and reinvention second to none in the former Communist satellite states. ..

Belfast Shop ‘Till You Drop

(December 08, 2011)  Along with Belfast’s amazing choice of restaurants, bistros, cafes, gastro-pubs and eateries serving everything from gourmet meals through international flavours to fish and chips to traditional Irish recipes, another well-kept secret of this gritty yet flourishing city is its unrivalled ..

Excitement and Relaxation in Antalya City Centre

(December 08, 2011)  Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the Asia or European region. Yes…it belongs to both, but still ranks as one of the best in both. The city of Antalya certainly helps Turkey with this reputation. It is a large city found on the beachfront area of the Mediterranean coastline. It ..

Ankara For Foodies And Fashionistas

(December 08, 2011)  The Turkish capital, Ankara, is attracting ever more visitors nowadays as it becomes a sophisticated dining and shopping venue in its own right as well as the commercial and administrative centre of the country. Already known for its incredible age as a settlement on the ancient trade routes ..

Best Shopping Locations in Amsterdam

(December 08, 2011)  Many Europeans visit Holland each year in search of some original Dutch food and fashion. Amsterdam is particularly popular and is easy to reach by train from most major European cities. Amsterdam is set up especially for tourists with specifically designated shopping and dining clusters. If you ..

Downtown Madrid Things To Do

(December 08, 2011)  Spain is the perfect holiday destination. Great food, great people, great attractions, great weather, great everything! The top of the list though would have to be its capital city; Madrid. This stunning historical and modern-influenced city is one of the most visited destinations in Europe. Where ..

What To See And Do In Istanbul

(December 08, 2011)  Once Constantinople and the centre of the post-Roman world, Istanbul is an amazingly historic city set in Turkey along both shores of the Bosphorus. Half the city lies in Europe; the other half is set in Asia and, at this iconic crossroad between continents, its vast wealth from trade created over ..

Sightseeing In Inverness And Its Surrounding Areas

(December 08, 2011)  Known as the ‘Gateway to the Scottish Highlands’, the historic city of Inverness lies on the mouth of the River Ness and along the Caledonian Canal surrounded by spectacular scenery and a host of historic sites. The central area is set on the river’s east banks and is home to ..

Summer And Winter Things To Do In and Around Interlaken

(December 08, 2011)  The pretty, typically Swiss town of Interlaken boasts an enviable setting in the heart of the Jungfrau Winter Sports region of the towering Bernese Alps and has been a favourite visitor destination both in summer and winter since the late 19th century, with tourism nowadays the most important ..

Retail Therapy and Dining Out in Granada

(December 08, 2011)  However beautiful the beaches, stunning the scenery and fascinating the attractions, a holiday isn’t complete without sampling some delicious local culinary delights from local markets and stores. The Andalusian city of Granada is an amazing destination for history buffs and lovers of natural .


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