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Absolute Beginner - So You Just Bought a New Guitar - Want t ...

(August 14, 2008)  So where do you start . . . First thing I suggest is getting comfortable with the guitar itself. If you are right handed, you will strum with your right hand and hold the neck of the guitar with your left hand. If you are left-handed, then the reverse is true. Either way the thickest string ..

Battling Sore Fingers For the Beginning Guitarist Advice on ...

(July 26, 2008)  Well . . . the bad news straight up is that there is no wonder cure for sore fingers when you start learning to play the guitar. It is mostly a matter of “grin and bear it"! Eventually, your fingers will toughen and develop calluses. Once this happens, the pain of playing will stop almost ..

Beginning Guitar Should You Have a Teacher Or Teach Yourself ...

(July 26, 2008)  This is one of the most common questions for beginning guitarists. I can tell you that for every great guitarist out there that was professionally taught, there is just as many that were “self-taught". It comes down to a combination of a few things . . . Your preferred style of learning - ..


  • The street musician There are silences that speak volumes as there are words that mean nothing. - Edith Piaf
  • concert
  • Toronto Ontario Canada  ~ Luminato Festival ~ Cirque Du Soleil ~ Circus in the Sun
  • Toronto Ontario Canada  ~ Luminato Festival ~ Cirque Du Soleil ~ Circus in the Sun
  • red squirrel jumping with a guitar
  • Chromatic harmonies