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Passport to Heaven

(June 06, 2008)  Sarah smiled to herself as she filled the plastic tubs with the thick paste; Mohamed will be pleased she thought, as she clicked the lids firmly into place and carried them over to the bed. The rest of the ingredients had been double-wrapped in plastic and carefully placed amongst the clothing in ..

Hereward Legendary Hero

(June 06, 2008)  All the countries of the world have their legendary heroes and the small group of islands that make up the United Kingdom have their fair share. One of those heroes was Hereward the Wake (wary) who led a group of resistance fighters against the forces of William the Conqueror who subjugated England .

The Tickler

(March 15, 2008)  When Alice Weatherspoon fancied a bit of fish for her tea, she didn't go to the fishmonger's or the chip shop, she went down to the river to catch her own. Mind you if the river warden were to catch her fishing without a license it would have cost her a pretty penny, the fines were ridiculous and ..

Theban Pharaohs Take Back Their Country

(January 01, 2008)  For 100 years the Pharaohs had ruled the southern lands of Kemet from their base in Thebes, while having to pay taxes to hated Aamu (Asiatics or Hyksos) who ruled the middle and northern area of the land. During the reign of Seqenenre Tao II however, thing came to head when the overlord and leader ..

Was Robin Hood A Yorkshireman

(November 09, 2007)  As a boy I was brought up on tales of Robin Hood and his merry men, as were my children and now, with a new series on the small screen, my children's children. We also lived for ten years in a small Yorkshire village near to Wentbridge called Little Smeaton, hence my interest in the Yorkshire ..

Tutimaios The Pharaoh Who Lost A Country

(October 27, 2007)  Tutimaios according to Manetho was the Pharaoh that lost his country to the foreign invaders known by many as the ‘Hyksos', although the Egyptians themselves would have used the term ‘Aamu’ meaning in rough translation ‘Asiatics’. While we are on the subject of names ..


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