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Angel Tattoo Designs - Looking for Great Angel Tattoo Designs?

(January 01, 2008)  Angel Tattoo Designs, Meanings, Ideas, plus Great Places to Find Designs The word “angel" comes from Greek word “angelos" which means “messenger", referring to a messenger of God. Angels are important supernatural beings found in many religions including Christianity, Islam, ..

Tattoos Of Stars - Everything you Need to Know About Tattoos ...

(December 27, 2007)  Tattoos of stars are great for many reasons. They are simple yet versatile, and make a great beginner tattoo. They are very customizable, making it easy for you to chose and modify a design to best express what you want to say. Although tattoos of stars are appropriate for both women and men, they .

Asian Dragon Tattoos - Unleash Your Dragon

(December 13, 2007)  What you should know before you get any Asian dragon tattoos: A brief overview to help you make a better guided decision when it comes to choosing your design. Dragons have long been important figures in Asian culture. The most commonly known Asian dragons include those from Japan and China, ..


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