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Online Guitar Store - Kick-Start Your Guitar Playing

(February 06, 2008)  Guitars have become important parts of every song today; be it rock or pop, guitars find their use everywhere. Since the early twentieth century, the guitar has been an important musical instrument that has fascinated everyone. Who doesn't want to be the next “Jimmy Hendrix" or “Carlos ..

Italian Violins - Masters From The Cremona School

(January 30, 2008)  Remarkable craftsmanship is evident in the Italian violins of old. The devotion of the early Italian luthiers to this instrument is evident. One only has to listen or gaze upon a violin made during this era to see that it has earned the reputation of a “holy grail" of violins. In this ..

Martin Guitar - Why They Are So Popular

(December 13, 2007)  Already in business for more than one hundred and seventy years, the Martin Guitar Company sells acoustic guitars that are considered among the best musical instruments in the world. The company has continuously managed to thrive in the ever-changing music industry. From the creations of C. F. ..

Fender Guitar - A Rock-N-Roll Legend

(December 11, 2007)  "Fender" is the dream of every lover of the guitar. It's one of the most popular guitars, being used by many guitarists. Before going to buy one of the various types of fender guitar, let us take a overview of the Fender musical instruments corporation. Arizona is the home of this guitar ..

Gibson Guitars - Great Quality, Great Music

(December 09, 2007)  Music is an ideal medium to express your emotions and is a wonderful outlet for self expression. It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 80, since it is neither too early nor too late to start playing musical instruments. There are a wide variety of instruments with different sounds and shapes that can ..

Guitar Amps And Your Guitar - What You Need To Know

(December 09, 2007)  The guitar is among the most widely revered musical instruments today. Whether you attribute its widespread popularity to the affection women seem to feel for guitarists or some other consideration, the guitar is a fashionable instrument. There are a multitude of musical bands on the planet playing .

Learn Guitar - Find Tips Online

(December 09, 2007)  The quality of the guitar that you select is particularly important. It is not worth the exertion experienced in attempting to learn to play on an instrument of inferior quality because it will not sound good. In turn, a poor sounding guitar will undoubtedly cause you to lose interest in your ..

French Violins - The Three Wise Men

(December 06, 2007)  French violins are among some of the most popular old violins today. Among the more famous French luthiers of note were J. B. Vuillaume, Nicolas Lupet, and Charles Francois Gand. Let's take a brief biographical look at each of these three French and the techniques they used in their craft. In ..

Fender Bass - Secrets To Buying The Right One For You

(November 28, 2007)  Electric guitars have been popular almost since their invention. This is in no small part due to variety of sound options and special effects that are available through amplification. One brand that stands out above the others is Fender Bass. It is known as a best buy bass guitar for its quality ..

Vintage Coca-Cola Machine History

(November 11, 2007)  Vintage Coca-Cola machines are valued by many Coke memorabilia collectors, and many even want an old Coca-Cola machine that will actually vend the drinks. Fortunately, many of these machines have survived and there are many dealers who sell them, restore them and provide parts for repairs and ..


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