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Hiring an Art Consultant

(August 22, 2007)  Do you love art but don't have confidence in your ability to choose and negotiate fine art pieces? If so, you may want to acquire the services of an art consultant. With an art consultant at your side, you can find art collecting not only simple, but easy and fun as well. What does an art ..

Best Places to Buy Art

(July 26, 2007)  Satisfying your love of art with art purchases can be satisfying, but it can also be expensive. Where are the best places to purchase it? You can find art for the home pretty much anywhere. You can find it in the local markets. You can find it in one of the many cafes in tourist locations that ..

Why Do People Buy Art?

(July 10, 2007)  Did you ever wonder why art is so valued in our society? And it's been that way all through the ages of mankind. Yes, each age and each tribe has it's own style, but every age and every tribe we know of, has valued art. After all, unlike food, gas, clothes, and water - art is not something that we .

Sculpture As An Art Form

(June 26, 2007)  In many ways, sculptures are the art of the people. More so than paintings. More than literature. Sculptures of great military figures in the parks of many cities are meant to inspire pride and patriotism in ones country. Sculptures of great religious figures found in churches are meant to create ..


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