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Learn to Speak French at Home

(July 01, 2007)  A goodly number of world citizens have decided to learn to speak French in this day and age. Why have they chosen to learn French? With world travel expected in many careers, not knowing another language especially French can be a handicap and may even cost you the job. When you barely have time ..

Learn Spanish Language for Your Travels

(June 26, 2007)  The best way to learn Spanish language is to immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking country. The best way to learn Spanish is through a firm grasp of grammar, which will build your confidence in accurate and confident communication. To learn a language is much more than just speak it, to learn ..

Learn to Speak German Painlessly

(June 26, 2007)  Many people want to learn to speak German but the books or guides they buy that promises to help them learn to speak German are not really very helpful. As a matter of fact some are inaccurate and completely confusing. For many people in the smaller European states, a course to learn German is ..

Learn Spanish - Immerse Yourself to Learn Spanish Quickly

(June 15, 2007)  Recently the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, gave some advice to Hispanic immigrants. He told them to turn off the Spanish television programs, stop reading the Spanish newspapers and they will in turn learn English faster. That advice is actually the basic premise of any immersion ..

Learn German - You Need to Learn German if You're In Business

(June 15, 2007)  So you want to learn German? It’s not one of the most popular languages to learn. That award goes to Spanish and then French. I would say that the real reason most Americans don't learn German is not because of its image, but because they simply don't need it. There is still sufficient reason .


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  • Toronto Ontario Canada  ~ Luminato Festival ~ Cirque Du Soleil ~ Circus in the Sun
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