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Capturing the Muse - Tips and Tricks

(September 03, 2007)  As songwriters, when inspiration strikes, we need some way to snare our latest germ of an idea. We reach for the nearest piece of paper, or Dictaphone to capture our moment of brilliance. Sometimes I have been gifted with an idea while walking down the street and have resorted to ringing myself up ..

Recording at Home Using a Computer or Hard Disc Recorder

(July 30, 2007)  Probably the first thing you want to think about before you start spending any money on getting a home recording facility together is, why do I want to record at home? You probably already know the reason, but the clearer you are about this the better your results will be. Do you want to just pick .

Working Out What You Need For Your Home Recording Studio

(July 27, 2007)  An important consideration when looking to set up a ‘home recording studio’ is how you will use it. You will need to work out how many things you want to record or plug in at any one time or you might wind up with unnecessary gear-or not enough! Let's look at a typical example of ..


  • The Bass Player - Rumblecat
  • The street musician There are silences that speak volumes as there are words that mean nothing. - Edith Piaf
  • concert
  • Toronto Ontario Canada  ~ Luminato Festival ~ Cirque Du Soleil ~ Circus in the Sun
  • Toronto Ontario Canada  ~ Luminato Festival ~ Cirque Du Soleil ~ Circus in the Sun
  • red squirrel jumping with a guitar