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Guitar Headstocks - It's All About the Style

(October 03, 2008)  The term “headstock" is one of those words that has come to have completely different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. If you look up this word in the dictionary, you find “a bearing or pedestal of a revolving or moving part. " However, if you it up in reference to .

Drummers of the Swing Jazz Era

(October 03, 2008)  Rock and roll artists have a tendency to think that they invented the concept of rebellion. That before their genre came along, everything was goody-two-shoes and Miss Manners. What they forget is that the music industry has always been a place of innovation a source of social uproar. Even the ..

Fingerboards - Where the String Meets the Fret

(October 03, 2008)  My father attempted to teach me to play the guitar when I was about eight years old. I was not very interested, especially when I realized that becoming a skilled musician would require a fair amount of time and effort. However, fortunately for me, I didn't have to get out of it by complaining; I ..

The Cultural Importance of Ewe Drumming

(October 03, 2008)  It sometimes happens that a certain group of people will become associated with a certain ability or skill. People from Norway or Sweden, for example, are often assumed to be excellent skiers. If individuals are from South America, they are sometimes presupposed to be exceptional dancers. Sometimes .

Drum Kits - Not Just About the Drums

(October 03, 2008)  The drum kit is one of the defining symbols of rock and roll. A set of usually four or five drums, these instruments are as memorable for their look as for their music. Yet when listening to a drummer rip through a drum solo, it is not just the sounds of the drums that stand out, but the sounds of ..

Fretless Guitars - An Issue of Taste

(October 03, 2008)  If one examines the average guitar, either electric or acoustic, one will find small raised bars running width-wise across the instrument's neck. These bars are called frets, and they are placed on stringed instruments to allow the player to accurately and consistently determine where to depress a ..

Synthesis Methods of the Electronic Keyboard

(October 03, 2008)  Electronic keyboard synthesizers have come a long way since their inception. Few people know that the first electronic synthesizer was invented in the late 1800s. This model was, of course, only a very rough precursor to the musical synthesizers of today. Modern synthesizers are capable of ..

Determining What the Zodiac Symbols Control

(October 03, 2008)  There have been many books written on this type of vedic literature that concentrate on the study of the zodiac charts that the zodiac symbols exist under. There are many vedic books on the market today that concentrate on the study of the zodiac symbols and how they affect each individual. The ..

The Guitar Pick - A Little Goes a Long Way

(October 03, 2008)  When I was young, I always thought my father's guitar pick was the prettiest little thing. It was faux tortoise shell (although I didn't realize that at the time), and I was always driving him crazy by taking it out to play with and then forgetting to put it back where I found it. Even though I was .

Guitar and Lute Tab - The Apple and the Tree

(October 03, 2008)  If you want to be loose with your definitions, it is possible to say that guitars have existed for over five thousand years. Prior to the development of the electric guitar and the use of synthetic materials, a guitar was defined as an instrument having “a long, fretted neck, flat wooden ..

The Guitar Solo and Rock and Roll

(October 03, 2008)  The image of a lead electric guitarist rocking out on a solo is probably one of the most ubiquitous images associated with the rock and roll industry. Whether you associate rock guitar solos with the afros, fringe and political turmoil of Jimi Hendrix's age or the spandex, makeup and general ..

Drum Machines - More Prevalent Than You Think

(October 03, 2008)  When most people think of a synthesizer, they think of a machine used to reproduce the sounds of a piano via different electric frequencies-a keyboard. I know this is what I associate with the term. Yet synthesizers can be put to many different uses. Often, especially among the professionals of the .

Steel Drums - An Ongoing Legacy

(October 03, 2008)  If asked what they think of in association with the Caribbean, different people will probably tender wildly different answers: the sun, the beach, the food, the sheer sense of relaxation and of course, the alcohol. Yes, for those lucky enough to include the islands of the Caribbean among their ..

The Sound Pressure Level Meter and You

(October 03, 2008)  If you've ever lived in an apartment complex, or in a college dorm for that matter, it's almost a given that at some point, you've had to deal with noise neighbors. Loud footsteps, late night vacuuming sprees, noisy parties and of course, sound systems loud enough to break your windows. And if ..

The Goblet Drum of the Middle East

(October 03, 2008)  Upon entering the term “goblet drum" into my search engine, the first thing that pops up is a picture of a simbati from Egypt. Despite the fact that I know it is a musical instrument, I am immediately struck by its physical beauty more than its musical potential. With a background the color ..

Big Drums - Does Size Matter?

(October 03, 2008)  Sure, there are lots of types of drums in the world. Snare drums and bongo drums, bodhrans and ashikos, timbales and tenor drums-if you want to learn to play this instrument, you've got a lot of choices. But what if you want to go for sheer power? What if you want to play with the big boys and, ..

Famous (And Infamous) Artists of the Electric Guitar

(October 03, 2008)  Does the artist make the electric guitar, or the electric guitar make the artist? I suspect the answer to that question would vary significantly depending on who you asked. A manufacturer such as Gibson, Fender, or Yamaha would probably reply that an artist can only be as good as his instrument. ..

The Therapy of the Drum

(October 03, 2008)  Drums are one of the few, perhaps the only, musical instruments to earn a very unique distinction in human culture. Not only are they utilized for the traditional purpose of music, but they have been put to other uses as well. One of the most interesting of these alternative uses is that of music ..

Seven-String Guitars - A Niche Instrument

(October 03, 2008)  The most common number of strings on a guitar is six. This number is simply the result of the natural evolution in the instrument, which has undergone an unknowable number of transformations over the past 5000 years or so. Of course, while six may be the most common number of strings on the modern ..

Bongo Drums and Latin Culture

(October 03, 2008)  Bongo drums, usually just called bongos, are one of the most recognizable of percussion instruments. Due to the pervasive popularity of Latin music (thank you, “Dancing With the Stars"), the sounds of these little drums are familiar to people around the world. Bongos, as the name implies, ..

The Home Theatre System - Our Golden Calf

(October 03, 2008)  The home theatre. The pinnacle of modern domestic achievement. When our ancestors flocked to the initial cinemas to gaze up in awe at the “picture shows, " little did they guess that their descendents would one day snub such locations in favor of mammoth flat screen TVs and the latest in home .

Double Neck Guitars - A Two in One Scenario

(October 03, 2008)  A double neck guitar looks like a set of Siamese twins. With two separate and distinct necks and a single, wider-than-average body, the instrument really does appear to be two independent entities joined by a common body. This description is, in fact, not too far from the truth. The benefit of the ..

Tenor Guitars - More Common Than You Realize

(October 03, 2008)  At first glance, a tenor guitar does not appear to differ greatly from a standard classical acoustic or electric guitar. The tenor's shape is (usually) similar to the more standard models, and so is its size. Upon closer inspection, however, a careful observer will note that this instrument has ..

Fingerpicking - A Technique For Many Genres

(October 03, 2008)  The act of playing a guitar can be divided into three basic techniques: strumming, or brushing the fingers over the strings to create chords; flatpicking, or picking individuals notes with a plectrum; and fingerpicking, or picking the strings directly with the fingertips, fingernails or picks ..

The Portuguese Guitar - A Modern Cittern

(October 03, 2008)  The guitar has a seemingly endless number of incarnations, no doubt due to the instruments lengthy history and wide geographical use. One such incarnation is the Portuguese guitar, a plucked instrument with twelve strings strung in six courses of two strings each. The instrument is noticeably ..


  • Surge Scotlands Beautiful Bones performing at Glasgows Merchant City Festival
  • Surge Scotlands Beautiful Bones performing at Glasgows Merchant City Festival
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  • BLAST Furness
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