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Ballet Positions - Use of the Eyes in Ballet Training and Re ...

(December 13, 2008)  What is the performance presence? Where does it originate from? How does it affect doing a good ballet audition? Observing a ballet class, I notice that when concentrating on ballet positions and ballet movements, the gaze of many ballet students is aimed downward, or aims in a fixed a point ..

Ballet Shoes, the Movie, With Emma Watson

(September 04, 2008)  "Ballet Shoes" was originally published in 1937. This movie is a 2007 BBC Northern Ireland production starring Eileen Atkins, Peter Bowles, Richard Griffiths, Gemma Jones, and Harriet Walter. The Fossils are 3 orphans “collected" by Great Uncle Matthew (referred to as Gum by the girls). They ..

Preparing Chaine Turns For Ballet Dancing in Pointe Shoes

(July 06, 2008)  Beginning at the barre, your postural plumb line, turnout and general placement must be correct and strong. It doesn't matter what kind of body you have. Posture can be correct, turnout can be held regardless of your flexibility, and placement can also be correct. I'm just saying that to encourage ..

To Dance or Not To Dance - In Ballet Or Pointe Shoes

(May 09, 2008)  Students often used to ask me “should I pursue dance as a career?" My first thought was always - “if you can live without dance, do something else. If you can't, then pursue it". Sometimes Dance just doesn't let go! It may not be the practical choice for you. Yet it just doesn't go ..

Get Exactly The Right Fit and Avoid Dancing Ballet In Pain

(February 13, 2008)  Dancing in pointe shoes should not be painful - uncomfortable sometimes, yes. Getting exactly the right fit is a challenge - knowing how, and finding a ballet store that has a lot of different kinds of shoes to try on. Some ballet stores have excellent shoe fitters and some do not. Some students ..

7 Highly Effective Habits In Ballet Training

(June 23, 2007)  A key area of dancing for females is pointe work, and a key area for males is jumping. In early training, regardless of age, there are 7 highly effective habits that will contribute to excellence in both these areas. This analysis can apply to other areas of dance in the same way also, I'm choosing .


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