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What is Self? Who am I? My Identity

(March 29, 2007)  Who am I? Am I what my parents named me? Or am I what I am doing – am I my profession? Am I a student? Am I a doctor? Am I a shopkeeper? Can I say that I am my body? Yes, why not! My voice comes from my mouth which is essentially a part of my body. So I may safely say that I am my body. But ..

What, Who is A Mother?

(March 29, 2007)  Is she the one who brings us into this world? Or is she the one who cares for us, feeds us, looks after us and loves us like no other? Many would get baffled at the perplexity and the apparent simplicity of this question. To me, a mother is not just the one who brings us into this world. A mother ..

Einstein, God and Relativity

(March 29, 2007)  It is widely known that Einstein, while meditating, talked to God. It is also known that energy can not be created or destroyed. So whatever we talk, the sound waves of the conversation will stay on this earth. It is only a matter of catching them to hear the conversation again. A few years back, ..


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