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How to shoot wedding portraits

(April 17, 2015)  Weddings are undoubtedly, the most cherished occasion in one's life. Wedding not only brings the bride and the groom together but also culminates with merging of two different families. Weddings become all the more special because of various festivities involved wherein people enjoy each other's ..

Online art buying tips and ideas

(August 18, 2014)  Every human being needs a roof on his head and once this task is accomplished, he wants to decorate the house as per his taste and the available budget. While decorating, every one likes to see the walls adorned with some kind of art work. It can be done by visiting many art galleries to find the ..

How to take good landscape photography

(August 04, 2014)  Good maps of the place is necessary while heading out for landscape shoots in newer locations. OS maps help in enabling to plan the route, for elevation work out most often in mountain peaks, scenic spots and to plan the trail or road to reach and the vantage position to be photographed from. ..

Abstract Painting Techniques and tips

(July 15, 2014)  Abstract painting may look as though the artist did not have any idea before painting but this is so far from truth. Abstract painting is very difficult than scenery or landscape as there is none to copy and there is nothing that is painted prior to the very second, the artist took up palette knife .

The Characteristics of Pop Art

(June 03, 2014)  Pop art is an abbreviation of ‘popular art’ . The term pop art was first used by English critic Lawrence Alloway. Pop art was used to comment on the society, culture and mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment by using images and icons and incorporating and re-defining ..

How to take indoor real estate photos?

(May 06, 2014)  Real estate is the in thing with prices soaring every where. No place - either metros, cities and now even small towns are spared and are in the grip of this high price. People any where in the world are always looking for a roof over their head and so they are always in the lookout for a good ..

Best portrait painting tips and ideas

(May 05, 2014)  Painting a portrait is one of the most testing aspects for an artist. It may be similar to drawing inanimate objects, trees or flowers wherethe principle of proportions, principle of light, shadows and intensity remain the same. However, the incorrect proportions and lightings are more noticeable ..

Top Photo Enhancement Software Online

(April 02, 2014)  Gone are the days where photos were taken out during festivals and get-togethers for a dose of laughter and bring back memories. Today, photos mean a great deal to us! With social media becoming an integral part of our lives, sharing, posting and flaunting photos has become our second nature. This ..

Tips for clicking self photography

(February 13, 2014)  Everybody loves to click pictures and the joy is doubled if you can click a great picture of yourself. Gone are the days when a camera would see the light of the day only on occasions. Clicking self has become as easy as clicking photos of other people. Camera Choice: There are options like ..

Pro tips for mountain photography

(December 30, 2013)  People seldom fail to appreciate the beauty of mountains. Over the centuries, right from artists to photographers, mountains draw attention of people from different walks of life. Mountains are used to describe the beauty or richness of a country. Here are some professional tips on mountain ..

WowApic Collaborates with Zazzle to Offer Customized Photo G ...

(July 25, 2013) is an online portal which provides professional photo editing, touchup and restoration services at customer friendly prices. The company caters to customers all over the world with the help of their online portal. All services offered by are managed and executed by a team of .

Photographing Churches and Cathedrals- Tips & Tricks

(July 22, 2013)  Churches and cathedrals are known for their art and architecture. These architectural structures bring back the olden history and explain life back then. These structures have artistic interiors and the exterior is equally very beautiful. Photographing such historic buildings prove to be ..

How to choose professional photo enhancement services online?

(July 02, 2013)  Photographs bring you back a lot of memories; memories of people, memories of wonderful and beautiful moments. You take lots of photographs now-a-days and you feel that the lighting was less or over exposed or there might be a red-eye in the pictures. To do these corrections you are left with the ..

Photographing the Stars – Basic Tips

(January 31, 2013)  Photographing the sky is otherwise known as astro photography. Photographing the stars, star trailing and celestial poles comes under astrophotography. The above mentioned photography elements are difficult to capture but can be mastered by practice. Below mentioned are a few basic but important ..

WowApic Offers Professional Pop Art Portraits Online

(December 24, 2012)  Wowapic is a professional photo editing services company based in Florida that excels in photo editing techniques. In their continuous attempt to offer convenience to the customers, Wowapic has come up with their Pop art services online to cater to customers throughout the world. Their online pop ..

Tips for Shooting in the Cold Weather

(December 24, 2012)  Cold weather photography is highly intricate and hidden are the obstacles in shooting under the enchanting beauty of snow and fog. To get a perfect picture in snow and to continue taking pictures in cold weather, there are certain tips that you must follow. Below said are some common complications ..

How to Open Closed Eyes in a Photograph?

(October 01, 2012)  Photographs are the best way for us to connect with our past; they also serve as a great tool for us to learn both our personal history as well as our nation’s history. Some of the most important moments in our life such as marriage, home coming with our new born and many such occasions ..

Photo Fixing and Enhancement – Exploring the Possibilities

(September 04, 2012)  Photos help to keep memories alive; it is the most valuable treasure of the most important and unforgettable moments of our life. But, there are times in which a perfect moment is captured in an imperfect way. This is when we can consider image manipulation or photo editing techniques to help ..

Photo Restoration - Giving a New Lease of Life to Damaged Ph ...

(July 27, 2012)  Significance and Importance of Photographs The Importance and significance of photographs are very well known to many people. Photographs are the actual proof that something has happened and it was witnessed by the photographer. Pictures are the best way to keep any kind of memories alive and ..

Restoring and Preserving Old Photographs

(June 28, 2012)  There is a very common saying that reads, “A picture is worth a thousand words"! Such invaluable photographs truly capture a moment in time and using appropriate techniques can help you preserve them for a long time to come. Photographs are very much similar to any living organism as they ..

Photo Restoration – An Art for Restoring Memories

(June 04, 2012)  What is Photo Restoration? Photo restoration is a type of image manipulation technique used for restoring photographs that have been damaged due to ageing, water, improper storage, poor handling etc. Photo restoration is an art that has to be learnt. It involves the use of technology, skills, and ..

Wedding Photo Editing Ideas & Tips

(March 21, 2012)  Are you ready to walk down the aisle with your loved one? Also, prepare to capture this memorable moment not only in your heart, but also even in your wedding album. To make your wedding photos special and unique, you will have to incorporate the best ideas and effects in your wedding snap shots. ..

Different Styles Of Pop Art

(February 22, 2012)  Pop art portraits are fascinating pieces of art that are bright and energetic. Pop art effects on your photographs are modernistic, yet with a characteristic touch of minimalism. Its categorical style of bold and vibrant colors brings about a spectacular and boundless energy to the subject or to ..


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