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Jamie Jefferson 
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Discount Gifts - Four Tips For Saving Money on Gifts This Ho ...

(November 10, 2008)  If you need some ideas to make your holiday dollars stretch, you're not alone this year. Many people are faced with tough decisions regarding their spending and gift-giving habits. Look to the following tips to reduce your spending this year and make this holiday season enjoyable for everyone. 1. ..

Gift Ideas For a New Dad

(November 09, 2008)  Becoming a father is an exciting event. Although much of the attention is on the new mother during this time, it's just as important to give some special attention to the father. You can make your new dad gift part of a baby shower gift for both parents, or you can give special attention to your ..

4 Reasons to Shop Online For Office Supplies

(September 18, 2008)  Although there are probably many office supply stores in your immediate area, you may want to consider buying your office supplies online. There are many advantages to shopping on the Internet for things such as paper, computer equipment, software and even office furniture. Here are four reasons to .

How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller

(September 11, 2008)  Few pieces of equipment for your baby will be used as much as your stroller. Your choice of stroller will determine how you move your child around for the next several years, so it is important to spend some time researching and thinking about this purchase. This simple guide will help you select ..

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas - Five Gifts That Won't End Up in a ...

(August 20, 2008)  No one wants to accumulate more clutter, but that's what a lot of people end up with after birthdays and holidays. If you want to give gifts that are sure to be appreciated (and not donated in the next yard sale), consider the following five clutter-free gift ideas. 1. The most obvious type of ..

How to Give Great Gifts - 8 Easy Tips For Birthdays and Holi ...

(August 07, 2008)  If you look upon gift-giving occasions with dread, you need a primer in how to be a good gift giver. Here are eight simple tips for choosing the right gift each and every time. 1. Keep a running list of gift ideas for the most important people in your life. The most important piece of advice is ..

What is Fair Trade?

(July 14, 2008)  Fair Trade is a new buzzword. After you have read this article, you'll have a better sense of how fair trade impacts the global marketplace and how you can make a difference with your purchasing power. Fair trade is a name for an economic and environmental program that offers growers and producers .

Conflict Free Diamonds What They Are and How to Find Them

(July 13, 2008)  Shopping for diamond jewelry used to be very easy. You picked a diamond based on your price range, as well as the cut and the clarity of the diamond. But today's conscious consumer has another clarification to deal with. The next time you find yourself looking for a piece of diamond jewelry, make ..

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

(July 04, 2008)  Romance is a wonderful thing that should grow and thrive the longer you spend time together. But sometimes we get stuck in a routine and coming up with fresh new romantic gift ideas can be a little difficult. When this happens, all you need to do is take a few minutes and think about what makes ..

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

(July 02, 2008)  Do you have an upcoming wedding or are you planning for an engagement? This is a time that calls for a very special ring and more and more people are now designing their own engagement rings. This adds an extra special touch to an already very important ring. Several online jewelry stores now ..

Six Great Gift Ideas For Friends Birthdays, Holidays, and Ju ...

(June 21, 2008)  Giving a gift to your best friend may sound like an easy task at first. You know what she likes and what she likes to do. But since she is your best friend, you may want to give her something extra special. This means that the pressure is on, which can make any gift-giver nervous. But by paying ..

A Quick Guide to Choosing Your New MP3 Player

(June 02, 2008)  Having an mp3 player is just as important these days as a Walkman was in the 1980s. Thanks to digital music downloads, an mp3 player is essential if you want to take your music with you on the go. Choosing the right mp3 player may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these simple steps ..

Discount Sporting Goods - Four Ways to Save on Sports Equipment

(April 07, 2008)  Skis, shoes, weights, helmets and other equipment all come with a high price tag, but you don't have to let the cost of sporting equipment keep you from enjoying the activities that you love. If you're passionate about a sport, there are plenty of ways that you can get the items that you need for ..


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