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Matt Murren 
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The Sofa Sectional Sleeper - One of Many Choices

(January 14, 2009)  The sofa you choose is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can own. This piece of furniture has been one of the most important pieces of furniture humanity has had for many centuries. In fact it is said that even the Romans had some time of sofa, although this piece of furniture has ..

Sassoon Hair Dryers Are the Way to Go

(January 14, 2009)  When it's time to choose a new hair dryer we usually go down to the drug store, the local Walmart, target, or department store and stand for hours trying to decide which is the best blow dryer for our hair and which will get the job done for us. Well, I have been through dozens if not hundreds of ..

The Toddler Fleece Vest - Perfect For Keeping Squirmy Kids Warm

(January 14, 2009)  Any mother knows that a two to four year old is a wormy, squirmy little ball of joy. He runs, plays, tumbles and rolls. I can't tell you the number of jackets that have been misplaced and lost in the wild outdoors and all because: “Mom I just got too hot, and I had to take it off but then I ..


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