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Alison Cole 
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Children's Jewelry

(January 07, 2007)  Children's jewelry is a special category of jewels. A wide variety of jewels are available for kids of all age groups from infants to teenagers. Jewelry for infants has always been popular. In some cultures, charms are used to protect babies from evil spirits. These are crafted in a particular way .

Buying Wholesale Jewelry Boxes

(January 07, 2007)  As most jewelers have found, a jewelry box is one of the most recognizable trademarks of the industry. If your customers take home a pretty one, they won't be discarding it in a hurry. People tend to hold on to pretty, cute items like well made boxes. This would be the best advertisement that you ..

Wood Jewelry Boxes

(January 07, 2007)  Good jewelry boxes are works of art. Wooden jewelry boxes are available in various finishes and textures. The choices range from warm mahogany wood, white ash, cherry, maple, koa, walnut, birch, burl and other varieties found in America. Several special boxes are created with wood sourced from ..

Making Jewelry Boxes

(January 07, 2007)  Handcrafted jewelry boxes are a specialty item. It takes a lot of skill and hard work to create the exquisite pieces that we see for sale in shops. The first step is to decide upon the design and type of wood to be used. And once the actual making process starts innovative ideas creep in and the ..

Small Jewelry Boxes

(January 07, 2007)  Jewelry boxes are made in several shapes and sizes. However, small jewelry boxes are in higher demand, as most jewelry is small and delicate. Small but exquisitely made jewelry boxes are perfect for such small pieces of jewelry. A ring or pair of earrings looks more beautiful when nestling in the ..

Wholesale Jewelry Boxes

(January 07, 2007)  Jewelry is a popular choice for gifting on occasion like birthdays, Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries and the like. A lot of attention is paid to how a gift looks on the outside. It should be such that it brings an exclamation of joy to the receiver's lips. Exquisite pieces of jewelry can be .

Costume Jewelry

(January 07, 2007)  All that glitters is not gold. Costume jewelry refers to jewelry that is made of less valuable materials, including base metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones. These are used in place of precious metals and gems. Also called “Fashion jewelry, " costume jewelry is mostly inexpensive and .

Antique Jewelry

(January 07, 2007)  Antique jewelry means old-fashioned jewelry. To term it ‘antique', the jewelry must be at least 70 years old. It could refer to jewels handed down from generation to generation, and it also includes jewelry with a historic value. They are treasured not just for the money value. Rather, they ..

Diamond Jewelry

(January 07, 2007)  Diamond is the queen of precious stones. It is known for its flawless nature and is rare. Diamond has a broad color range and a very low reactivity towards chemicals. It is a good conductor of heat and insulator of electricity. The sparkling diamond is just another form of dark carbon. Diamonds ..

Titanium Machining

(January 07, 2007)  Titanium needs special machining facilities that are now provided by a variety of machining companies. Titanium is a metal that is closely associated with the aerospace industry. The industry relies heavily on parts that are machined from solid titanium metal. Titanium can be machined in a highly ..


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