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Joel Kay 
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'Wearing' the Handbag

(August 19, 2007)  How should you make a handbag? How should you design a handbag? You design and then make it so that you can carry it as you walk down a high-street. Or you can also ‘wear’ the handbag in some way. You can carry the handbag across your chest or maybe the shoulder. Then there is the rucksack ..

The Victorian Crinoline

(August 19, 2007)  Crinolines were created to give the desired dome-shaped skirt form that women aimed for in the early Victorian era. Layers of petticoats, usually six layers, satisfied this aim up to the 1840s when the crinoline appeared but a satisfactory patent didn’t seem to appear until the mid 1850s when .

Boho & Foho Chic

(June 19, 2007)  Imagine a bohemian girl in Edwardian London and she wears long swishing gowns with a high Edwardian neck collar. . and maybe a neck tie too and maybe her ankle boots. This is the bohemian look of the last century. and now the new century and Boho Chic. Boho Chic is no longer ‘in’ but ..


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