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Pankaj Kumar 
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How A Residual Current Circuit Breaker Can Save Lives & Appl ...

(July 24, 2017)  The Residual Current Circuit Breaker or the Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection is a must-have for all homes. These electric switches for home provide protection to both human lives and home appliances. Body: The leading switchgear manufacturers offer two crucial types of ..

What are the Different Types of Fans for Your Home?

(July 17, 2017)  There are different type of fans including ceiling fans, exhaust fans and pedestal fans which are required in a home. You can find low price ceiling fans in all designs and styles to suit your needs. Your home needs different types of fans for different rooms, areas and purposes. The low price ..

What Devices Should you Choose for Personal Grooming for Women?

(June 29, 2017)  When it comes to personal grooming for women, you should always make the right choices. Your grooming kit should have everything including the hair dryer, straightener, and bikini trimmer. These three are the most important devices to help you ensure that look your best. The key benefits of these ..

Choosing the Best Type of Cooler for Your Home

(April 24, 2017)  There are different types of air coolers and each has different functioning and benefits. Direct evaporative, indirect evaporative and dual-stage evaporative coolers work in different ways and are meant to address different types of needs. When it comes to the hot Indian summer, air coolers are ..

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Geyser Online

(April 21, 2017)  There are many factors to be considered when choosing the best water geyser online. Look for the unit’s features, design, size, energy efficiency, warranty and quality before making the right choice. There are many comforts of installing an electric water heater in your home. It provides a ..

How to Pick Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men Online

(April 01, 2017)  Shaving sounds essential yet tedious to many of the people who don’t like facial hair. Clean shaven face is a charmer and describes a lot about the man’s interest in looking his best. Even those with beard are seen shopping trimmers for men online to keep their facial mane in control as .

An Insight to the Rising Online Marketing in Middle East

(March 07, 2017)  The ever-accelerating growth of the Internet on a global basis has enabled technologies to soothe our life and daily activities. Devices such as PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs has become an indispensable part of our life. Nowhere is the impact of this continued evolution being felt more than ..

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Juicer Mixer Grinder

(February 27, 2017)  There are different factors to be considered when choosing a juice mixer online. This includes the juicer mixer grinder’s design, number of jars, modes, safety, and brand value. Whether it’s about replacing that old juicer mixer grinder or getting your first JMG, these new processors ..

4 Most Common Types of Ceiling Fans

(February 24, 2017)  There are 4 commonly used types of ceiling fans. Make sure to know the features and benefits before you buy ceiling fans. These different options are the standard, low-profile, dual-motor, and outdoor ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have always been valued for their practical application. It is not ..

Tips on Picking an Electronic Air Cleaner In a Budget

(February 23, 2017)  Air inside homes also needs purification like cleaning of other portions of the dwelling place. An easy way to do is installing an electronic air cleaner. Listed here are some quick shopping tips that can help you select the air purifier made just for your home. Many home owners think air ..

This is why LED Bulbs are a Must-Buy

(February 23, 2017)  Electric bulbs and lamps are the most basic home decor accessories one can think of. With the advancements in this field, these bulbs have also evolved into LED bulbs, halogen bulbs etc. Read on to understand what you get out of a LED Lamp deal. The search for a power-efficient bulb option ends ..

5 Advantages of Choosing the Shaving Trimmer over Razor Blades

(February 14, 2017)  There are many reasons for getting yourself a shaver online. It saves your valuable time, is soft on sensitive skin, safe to use, and offers precision control over the hair length that needs to be trimmed. Many people have sensitive skin and using the razor for shaving can cause skin irritation. ..

What Is The Importance Of Personal Grooming For Men & Women?

(February 13, 2017)  Personal grooming can be one of the most important factors affecting your image in your professional and personal networks. Make sure to use the right body groomer to maintain yourself in a healthy and clean way. There are many advantages of being a person who is well groomed. Whether it’s ..

4 Easy Reasons Why Your Home Should Have Led Light Bulbs

(January 23, 2017)  LED lights are the latest trends in the world of energy efficient lightings and fittings for homes. But there is more to led bulbs for home than just saving electricity. Almost everyone has seen what an LED unit looks like. The new LED bulb uses the same technology to help save energy, reduce ..


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