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Melanie Hirsch 
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Your Stinking Thinking Matters - Or Does It?

(June 01, 2008)  What You Think Matters, or does it really? What you think about, and what you think about what you think about, really can have in impact. Stinking Thinking really will bring about a stinky life. What you think and what you believe about your life and your dreams really does matter. The ability to .

Stress Hits the Fan - Think You're in Control?

(June 01, 2008)  We are not in control. We want to be, we'd like to be and we are not. We all love to believe that we are in control. . . . . However, most of our behaviors are just “knee-jerk" reactions to whatever we are experiencing at the time. And most of our reactions are tied to something that ..

Stressed Enough Yet?

(June 01, 2008)  Are you stressed enough yet? Have you hit your limit and know that it's time for a change? Stress can sneak up and hit you when you're not expecting it. And when it does, watch out. Excess stress can manifest itself in a variety of different ways. . . with emotional, behavioral, and even physical ..

Who Rules Your Success? Who You Hang Out With Rules Your Life!

(June 01, 2008)  Did you know that you will most likely make the same amount of money as the 5 people who you spend the most time with? You'll also respond, react and feel like they do in a lot of areas too. Who you hang out with rules your life. Kind of makes you look at your friends in a different light, doesn't ..


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