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Jan Malloch 
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Enjoy the Challenges That Life Throws at You!

(August 03, 2008)  A positive attitude is essential if you want to enjoy life. People strive for happiness, yet how many start the day by looking forward to what's ahead? Do you feel positive and optimistic about the opportunities that will present themselves, or do you view each day as “just another day"? ..

Are Your Goals Worth the Effort?

(July 08, 2008)  When you set a goal, it is critical to assess whether the outcome will be worth your time and effort to achieve it. If the benefit is not at least equal to what you put in, then you can say bye-bye to keeping up your motivation levels. If your motivation is low, then it is unlikely that you will ..

How My Mother Taught Me Motivation

(May 15, 2008)  I do not recall being motivated to do anything in particular as a young child. I do not think I was any different from most other children in that respect. There was, of course, always the motivation to “be good", so that you gained a reward of some description. Whether it was a candy bar, or .

Visualizing Can Create Beauty

(May 13, 2008)  Up until last summer, I had managed to progress through my life with absolutely no interest in gardening whatsoever. Despite my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother being avid flower growers, it seemed that the gardening gene was never passed on to me. My lack of interest in this very ..

Are You Like Alice?

(May 13, 2008)  In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice has the following conversation with the cat. Although this passage appears at first to be nonsense, it also makes a tremendous amount of good sense. Alice Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? The Cat That depends a good deal on ..

How Each Of Us Can Make Hundreds of People Happy

(May 01, 2008)  There have been so many people throughout the centuries who have made major differences in the world. They became famous because of the impact they have had, and still have, on our lives. We can all think of famous inventors such as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. And there were those who .

Believe That You Can Do It!

(May 01, 2008)  How many of us think of something we really want to do in our lives, but give up before we have even started? Do we come up with some fantastic idea, but instantly dismiss the notion as we determine that there is no way that we could possibly achieve it? We need to remember that life is for living, .

But How Do I Get From A to B?

(April 28, 2008)  Many of us are pretty familiar with the process of how we should formulate and write down our goals. We have heard, learned and studied all about SMART goals. In fact, we are all getting very adept at making sure we write down our goals following this trusted method. When we first heard about the .

The Myths About Willpower

(April 18, 2008)  How many times have you or others resolved to live more healthy lives only to fail due to lack of willpower? Whether it is losing weight, or stopping smoking, a re-occurring excuse of why people abandon these attempts is because they lack willpower. The person did not fail - the blame lies ..

Why You Would Never Need to Coach a Tree

(April 18, 2008)  Let us think about a tree for a minute. Visualize a huge tree. It does not matter where the tree is, it just has to be big! That huge tree started off as one tiny seed. The seed started sprouting under the ground, and the shoots found their way up to the surface. That was a pretty difficult thing ..

Would Money Make You Happy?

(April 18, 2008)  How many of you do the lottery in the hope of winning millions? With odds of 14 million to 1, the chance of scooping the jackpot is extremely slim to say the least. Many of you however will retort that someone has to win, so why not me? To be perfectly honest with you, the thought of having nothing .

Do You Live for Right Now?

(April 15, 2008)  How many of you live for today, and do not really take much notice of what is going to happen tomorrow? Do you take one day at a time, and let each 24 hours pass you by without really achieving anything? Perhaps your life tomorrow will be much the same as it is today. There is little point ..


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