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Spiritual Search Continues

(August 21, 2008)  Our spiritual quest to understand the universe we live in, has always been there, it has taken us into space it has taken us to see pictures of planet mars, we have made telescopes to see the further corners of magical and awesome vastness that we call our universe. And our advancements, be it ..

Spiritual Skies, That We Seek to Under Stand

(July 09, 2008)  "In everyone's heart stirs a great homesickness" Rabbi Seymour Siegel Spirituality for us is a need for many who desire the sense of belonging. Just like a turtle that is just hatched and knows to go straight to the ocean, and swims for years just to come back to the same shores it was born. And it .

Psychic Intuition Versus Ego - The Great Battle

(May 27, 2008)  Psychic intuition and our ego really do not go hand in hand thus creating conflicts, like the great armies of opposing forces, always ready to beat each other. Psychic intuition, your gut feeling your inner wisdom at work is what I believe is your soul trying to communicate to you, chat to you ..


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